Thursday, 29 December 2016

Fashion Model and Media Entrepreneur Queen Omaje Promises Fans and Lovers a Bigger and Better 2017

Fashion model and media entrepreneur Queen omaje, CEO OF THE XPERIENCE ONLINE MEDIA and the PRESIDENT OF THE XPERIENCE WOMANITY AWARDS,  after taking a review on all her achievements and success for the year 2016.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Redwine's Music is Eccentric

'Tell them we come from nothing', 'We won't apologize for who we are' are lines that must stick to your head after listening to Redwine's debut single 'Superstar'. The Port Harcourt based eccentric music artiste was fast to give us 'Be Happy' and 'Care For Me', making it three songs for 2015, the year his music career began. For 2016, he gave us, 'Lemonade', a song produced by Dj Coublon. Redwine has risen to be one of the most sort after music artiste in Port Harcourt. In this interview he revealed his determination to grab that hit in 2017, talked about his switch from modelling to singing and a whole lot of other things you would be glad to find out. Have fun

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Noble Feature On The XPERIENCE With Mrs Esther Audu Ojire

Mrs Esther Audu Ojire, who got hitched some months ago was born on March 22, in Ikeja lagos, she is a Nigerian Actress ,who hails from olamabro LGA of Kogi state.

She is married to popular Director Phil Ojire, a delectable young man, with a lot of soft works.

This beautiful and multiple award winning actress is the 5th child out of six children and attended her primary and secondary school education at Abuja ,before she attended the university of jos , where she graduated in 2010 with a degree in Business management.

And we so glad she is our cover girl!!!

Get to know her better.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Queen of Unity Nigeria 2017/2018

GOZSKEJ CONCEPT L.T.D  presents the 2nd edition of QUEEN OF UNITY NIGERIA 2017/2018 beauty pageant with  theme, 'Uniting One Nigeria in peace'.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

We Live In The Jungle By Ryan Uche-Tasie

Mother drove out in a hurry this evening. The Human Rights office in Ikeja summoned her. She dropped a crispy thousand Naira note on her way out. She left it on the centre-table, muttering something about buying Indomie.
Chidi was still in my room, going through a photo-album- my baby pictures. He sat on the bed, engrossed. He enjoyed laughing at my square head. "See as you dey like akidi," he quipped.
"Biko. I'm tired, Chidi."
"Badagry is far sha, you should."
"What did we go to look for again sef?"
"Do I know for you and your bestie," Chidi chuckled with a refreshing glee. "The two of them should be in one cheap hotel in Badagry."
"I doubt," I said. I bit his soft ear lobes, Kpomo. Nibbling on them with passion. "Christian wants to take things slow and easy with her."
"Hmm! You're smelling fa," Chidi replied. He shoved me off the bed, blocked his nostrils and then giggled. Sounding like a character from Star Wars. "Let's go bathe."
"Let us?"
"I know, I still smell like strawberries."
He got down from the bed, effeminately tugging his ripped white jeans. "I swear I want to take this home," he stated. Holding my album tightly, hugging it like a baby. "I want to use them for Christmas rituals."
The album was specifically made by Granny and Mother. It was a recording of my life in a thousand, thousand words. It was the one place I could see my oyinbo runaway father who died in the Sosoliso Plane Crash.
"If I blow your head ehn!"
"Oya shoot me, Akidi!"
He inched closer and fell dramatically on me, Disney Princess. He gazed into my eyes, made me feel important. I slithered down his belly, unbuckled his belt. The bold Hilfiger head, stubborn. I unzipped his jeans stylishly. He relaxed, tittering too loudly when they got stuck on his Chelsea boots.
He ran his tapering fingers on my hairless chest. Biting my neck, making me forget about the splashing, running water in the bathtub.
"What's that?"
"Those vibrations"
" I'm that good," I moaned mockingly.
"Ewu," he exclaimed, smiling. Baring those diamonds in his eye sockets.
"It's your phone."
 I released my lips from his nipples, reaching out to my left pocket. Searching for the little Nokia phone lodged in there, somewhere.
"Christian, what's good?"
"Please! Bella is having a nervous breakdown."
I dashed for my blue overalls, next to Chidi. Trying hard not to stop and gaze at his naked androgynous body, lithe from years of gymnastics and ballet.
"Bring her in," I said. "I'll call Ryan."
Chidi and I paced back and forth, hands interlocked over our heads, occasionally holding hands to assure ourselves she was okay while we waited at the gate. Christian drove in with Mother's black Lexus, violently. The tyres coated with baked mud-pies from the outskirt town of Badagry. Bella decided a visit to Badagry would be fun, "Relationship goals." We paired up and vamoosed from the Island in two black Lexuses. 

Granny was in the kitchen. Working. Racing against time to prepare local herbs to calm Bella. Nchuanwu and Onugbu purged the air freshener out of the West Wing.
Ryan didn't come. Traffic on Third Mainland Bridge was horrific, he called Chidi to tell him he was on his way back to LUTH. Granny's local remedy calmed her- she should use it on herself as well. Bella sat up and stared at Christian. Deep, deep, spiritual stares before Christian let a tear run wild. Bella curled her legs under her like an injured kitten, falling back on the green sofa.
"The boy we met," she murmured with her mouth in her hands.
I tried to remember which we had a good conversation with. "The one at LASPOTECH?"
"The little boy at Badagry."
"Our future President, I love his innocence. "
" You remember he said he was hungry?" I sipped some of the green tea Chidi made me quietly, "We couldn't give him the last five hundred Naira note on us." 
"I told him to buy foodstuff, I slipped a thousand Naira note on to his tiny hands before we left," Chidi said softly, his eyes kissing mine.
Bella sighed. She started weeping, tired bloodshot eyes lucid. "They beat him," she said, taking a long heave. She couldn't continue. Christian wasn't planning on doing so either.
Granny got off a phone call we didn't notice. "Your mum said she'll be home tomorrow." She checks her account balance, I hear the alert. "She's gathering evidence for a case."
Chidi helped Granny clean up the scent leaves littered on the living room floor. "Did Dr. Ademide say anything about the case? "
"Udi case Human Rights, nwam."
"Hmm, domestic abuse?" I inquired, surfing through Facebook. Almost immediately, I found the answer littered on my news feed, I dropped the phone in disbelief.
She bent slowly to pick up the last leaf, arthritis rusts her waist more each day. She answered after panting, "A seven-year old boy was set on fire in Badagry for attempting to steal Garri." She turned to leave immediately, heading towards her room to most probably apply a heat balm- Aboniki.
Chidi sat in the middle of the parlor, thinking of who to ask. To tell him it wasn't that boy on a green shirt Granny was talking about.
He stared at Bella who shook her dada hair vigorously. Drying her flooded, puffy eyes and wiping her runny nose. "They killed him," she whimpered. "He had no one to fight for him."
Chidi sat in the middle of the room. I dwelled in his thoughts. The anxiety he felt towards life. The vanity he knew of this world. "Jungle Justice is terrible," he said, dissolving into tears as he moved next to me.
"2012," Bella said. Jolting her head, vehemently. I was anxious to hear what she had to say, we all were.
"This is how they killed MTN at Aluu, "she sniveled. The AC and the cold harmattan couldn't help the heat I felt in the room. I felt the tension increase sporadically. I felt goosebumps popping. My armpits and neck itched.
Chidi raised his head like a cobra. He turned his head, left then right. Waiting for who would answer first. He inquired, "Who is MTN?"
The room was silent. The room died. Bella must have come back to Earth, she kept quiet.
"Bella, was he your e...?"
"MTN was my brother," Christian interjected. "Let's not talk about him, please." Christian must have seen me. I was giving hand and eye signals. Bella, shut up!
MTN was my first boyfriend, a student at the University of Port Harcourt. He was lynched, barbarically. Alongside three of his friends. I watched the news that day, next to Mother. I watched four boys being beaten by an angry mob of animals. I squinted my eyes and recognized MTN. I bawled noisily while cursing everyone. I watched him being burned alive. I learned of his device on a news channel. MTN was everywhere, he is still in my heart.
Bella had sucked it up. We discussed on the round dinning table after hot plates of spicy Indomie. We played cards, taking turns to read stanzas of an Olali poem.
"What would his mother do?
Maybe he didn't have one?
Is he an orphan?
Maybe this was the break he needed?

What will I tell his siblings?
Maybe he didn't have any?
Is he the breadwinner?
Maybe he took it to feed his ailing grandmother?

What have we done?
Maybe he didn't deserve it?
Is he really dead?
Maybe he hadn't eaten in many days?

What can I do now?
Maybe he will make this vice end?
Is he going to be the last?
Maybe he is the victim before me?

What did I do wrong besides filming?
Maybe I could have pleaded harder?
Is he not the one who took my phone?
Maybe I could have done the same?

What did he say before he died?
Maybe he loved God and Heaven?
Is he a Christian?
Maybe all this doesn't matter?

He is Dead
But more has to be done to stop this Madness.
Illiteracy and Ignorance killed him.
Maybe It could have been Me.

Let's Tame this Zoo slowly,
before we ourselves become our own prey and predator.
Do your tiny little part,
For a Great Difference.
Teach Peace.
Teach Love.
This has to end.

P L E A S E."

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Miss Identity Nigeria 2016

It's brand New! It's Captivating! It's Inspiring! It's entrepreneurial! It's awesome! It's tremendous! It's fantastically Genuine! It's Miss Identity Nigeria, Tagged: The Business Diva.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Twon by Jane
Yippee!!!  November noble feature is out and our cover page is gracefully covered by the CEO of J.G.D investments, Publisher Dipcreek magazine and Owner of Exquisite ready to wear fashion label Twon by Jane, Madam Jane Gam-dede.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Crown Models Scout 2016

Move beyond just dreaming. The task ahead is greater than the one behind. We are bringing professionalism and decency to the world of modeling. #topmodels #Ushers #Commercials #glamour #bridaltrain #magazine #Beauty
Just go for it and make it happen!

>>>Crown Models Scout 2016


Date- 10th Dec 2016 at Palos Verdes Hotel (Pool Side), Iyiagu Estate Awka. 
TIME:10:00 AM Prompt
Registration fee: 5,000
DRESS CODE: Your favorite  gown & Heels
Registration forms will still be available at the audition venue.
For more details contact/Whatsapp +2348035757134

Monday, 7 November 2016

The Next Level In Afro-Hip Hop: A Review Of Phyno's The Playmaker By Ebuka Njoku

Praise the Lord! Phyno has finally dropped his second album. The Playmaker was one of the most anticipated albums of the year. What were we actually anticipating? I'm listening to Phyno now. And I can't wait to share my thoughts... Let's talk music, hommie...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

6 Ways To Make Better Impressions

Make Good Impression
You walk out of the bank, you just made an impression to the bank teller and she must have made an impression. You are thinking that she's a nice person. Yet, you think the dude with whom you argued this morning is a jerk. The new cleaner in your office hasn't said more than good morning to you, but you already have an opinion about him. You are busy analysing people and passing judgement about them. And those people have opinions about you too. Impression. That is it, impression.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Review of Simi and Falz Chemistry EP by Ebuka Njoku

Eight pre-wedding pictures released within eight days. The social media was lit up. Tobbie Maguire's shots got the internet quaking with questions -  'Are they dating?' 'Wait - na marry dem wan marry?' Wow! They look great together oo... Oh! It's an EP! Wait! This gotta be more than just an EP. Before you know it, you tell yourself - 'What the hell! Fuck the MB, if it finish, make we go subscribe. But before then, let's hear these couple who gave us Soldier, Jamb Question, Soft Work and many more. Well, that was my story. I don't know about you but I can't remember the Nigerian album with this level of panache in promotion. Na class and pishure we get chop ni? Let's get to the music...

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Meet one of Kenya Best Interior Decorators Jordan Awori

I have always felt it as a responsibility to write about Kenya and the amazing talents the country should boast of. Come on, Kenyans are the third highest readers of my blog and I really do appreciate them. Their interest in my blog has resulted in my interest in the country and meeting this amazing Kenyan Interior Decorator, I was just so eager to interview her. And like the two other Kenyans I have met before her, Jordan is a beautiful soul with such smartness and confidence that can be felt from a distance. Jordan who was raised in Nairobi is a graduate of Design from THE University of Nairobi (she insists on emphasis on the 'THE'). Asides interior decor and designs, she writes for notable magazines, one of which is Homes and Living East Africa and her blog THE INTERIOR DECORATOR. Visiting her site would reveal to you how much of a talent she is. If you want to read or learn a thing about interior decorations, that's a place to go and if you are looking for help with the interior decoration of your office, or apartment, Jordan is someone you should call. Have fun reading through my interview with her. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

More on Riyality Photography Self Confidence Shoot

The model for Riyality Photography Self Confidence shoot, Adanna Egbo took to Facebook write about her feelings about the shoot. Reading through this my attention is drawn to how parents can help build their children's confidence, and friends too can help. Then, our own personal efforts matter. 

Sponsored : Stella Whyte Foundation takes the fight against Domestic Violence and Rape to schools

The growing rate of violence against women in the society is becoming unbearable. Virtually no week passes without a national daily reporting cases of violence against women. Even when it abounds in quantum, we only get to hear of few.

Lenz Drops New Single My Story

Upcoming act Lenz drops new single My Story, a song that narrates his story from nothing to success, mentioning the support from Momma and how a few friends who couldn't support during the hustle are tryna attach, not forgetting his babe that wasn't moved by his love cos there was no money. The brother still dey hustle finally and the blowing gon happen soon. Follow to download and share.

Riyality Photography Self Confidence Shoot With Adanna

Riya Ukata of Riyality Photography, (read about her here couldn't get enough of the confidence Adanna radiates on her IG handle @danny_cutty. Riya had to initiate this photo shoot 'Self Confidence' to say her piece on the need for self confidence and why we shouldn't stigmatize albinos.

Monday, 24 October 2016

5 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

It's sad that we seem to live in a society that tends to encourage our comparing ourselves with others. It's not unusual to hear our parents remind us how better off our primary school bestie seem to be doing. They remind us at every opportunity how Somadina, our playmate back in the days recently got married and how Patrick just landed a job in an oil company. 'Okechukwu just got his mother a car', and so it continues. But, this doesn't make it right.  

Sunday, 23 October 2016

4 Ways To Make Decisions With Confidence

If you are me, then you really are indecisive. Sometimes, I wonder how I ever get to do anything at all, considering that I find it difficult deciding on the simplest of things - what to eat, what to wear, what offer to take and the list goes on and on.   

Saturday, 22 October 2016

How To Handle Post Graduation Depression

I have always known that they would be a thing as post graduation depression. I always wanted to research it, but never did until recently. Maybe because I was down with it, some how. Lol. A lot of research doesn't seem to have been done on this, but this doesn't change the fact that within the first year after graduation, most people are depressed - freaked out about job hunt; have panic attacks, rising from responsibilities and feeling of inadequacy; the fear of the need to abandon dreams temporarily; the need to go back to school as an escape and the realization that there's not much from life after all. Let's take a lil look through these depression signs before going over how to handle them.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Happy Birthday Godwin Dancy

This hardworking fella is plus one today. I really am excited for the rare privilege of knowing this chap. And I really can't keep calm about his fashion line that would soon be launched. I got you covered with all the gist. Happy 😊 Birthday 🎂 to you Godwin, And Many More Years to you dearest. I wish you success as you embark on fashion business. Stay Great!!!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

6 Ways To Improve Your Memory

My friend Bryan describes being forgetful as not having retentive memory, while Joel describes it as having amnesia. One of my Lecturers in the University will tell you that she has the right to forget, each time you confront her for forgetting to do the things she said she would do. Amnesia is more than being forgetful, and as much as we reserve the right to be forgetful, it still doesn't leave us feeling right. Remember, the frustrations that come from not knowing where you kept your car keys, or not remembering how you saved the number of someone you met recently. You can imagine the harm this could do to your productivity, having to be late, not calling this person even when there's the need. I am sure you want to get off the web of regular forgetfulness, then you have to consider the following :  

1. Be mentally active : Being a gym rat or keeping all the diet rules with a forgetful brain won't leave you as attractive as you would want. Come on, no one wants to be with a hunk or a beauty who forgets birthdays, anniversaries, and where the car keys are. And you are not hiring material, if you would forget the name of your Boss' friend before she was done with the introductions. So, do yourself some world of good and stay mentally active. Read newspapers, magazines, check out the crosswords, the puzzles, play scrabble. Just make sure you learn something new as often as you can. The more mentally active you are, the more you are likely to remember.  

2. Socialize right : If you were meant to be an island, you would have been Victoria or Banana, (Lol - Victoria and Banana are the most popular Islands in Nigeria), but since you ain't any of those, feel free to socialize. Socialize doesn't mean stick to only people that share your interests. Meeting with people with different interests can improve your memory, so go out there and start meeting people.  

3. Be organized : I have stayed in an unorganized room, with things at the wrong places to know that it contributes to forgetfulness. You don't have to fling the innocent suit, just a little more discipline and the plates will no longer be on the dining table. Have a checklist, keep notes, have a journal, write a to-do list. Have specific places for essentials - car keys, toothbrushes, phones, remotes and so on.  

4. Focus : Multi tasking could be great, but not when you wear your brain off at it. Do one thing at a time. If you must multi task, take on only about the number of tasks your brain can work on at a given time.  

5. Be physically fit : Exercise doesn't just stimulate respiration, it does your brain right. Research suggests that an adult should at least engage in 150 minutes of moderate aerobics weekly.  

6. Eat Healthy : Your brain is sharpened by your diet. So, eat right and healthy. Increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat protein, and water. Alcohol and other drugs can increase memory loss, so check that too.  

Drop a comment if you found interesting or helpful, and suggestions of further areas to explore would be great.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Buhari Right About His Wife

I hate to have to say it, but Buhari is sure about where Aisha belongs and he is not lying about it. Listening to Aisha's interview on BBC Hausa would definitely tell you that our dear confused First Lady isn't behind her husband as every wife is 'supposed' to be, and not even beside him. The supposed is because I don't fan the concept of a woman being behind the man, even when that's a leading notion.  


Many times I am down with thoughts of what should have been. Thoughts of what I wish were At these moments, I tend to forget who I really am, and what I should be grateful for. At these moments, I usually doubt if they are  reasons to be grateful and thankful. Life feels so thankless, and so not worth living. Not because the beauty of life is removed. But, because, it begins to feel like there was never beauty in life.   

Friday, 14 October 2016

Sponsored : Best of Rivers Awards (BORA) 2016

BORA is back and better. Best of Rivers Awards (BORA) set to hold BORA 2016 set to hold on 4 December 2016 at Autograph Event Centre Port Harcourt.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Telling The Africa Story Through The Lens Of His Camera, Charles Ofikhenual

Charles Ofikhenual is a pack of humour, that in a conversation with him you may only pass him off as one gunning to be a comedian. You wouldn't however, fail to notice that he loves moments, actions and timings that are common, but abnormal. Those moments to him, like every other moments, all have humour, I wouldn't agree less or more. To Charles, he is a story teller, telling the Africa story from his lens. In his words, "I am a concerned Africa story teller. I tell stories and express myself with images".

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sponsored : The Scouting Experience

The Scouting Experience is a fast rising models training, workshop and exhibition, coming to a city near you. It is will be credited for discovering fresh faces necessary for the high demand of industry standards and trend changes. TSE is that launching pad, not just for a successful modelling career, but also, for those seeking to develop their personal image and self-esteem.   

Monday, 10 October 2016

Sickle Cell Infographics by Kenyan Photographer, Fiona Omino

Last month was Sickle Cell Awareness month, a lot of campaigns were done, but one remains outstanding. Fiona Omino, a Kenyan Photographer, for her brand Fififiona Photography did some shoots with a few persons living with sickle cell, she went ahead to publish their stories on her blog, to read follow link   

Friday, 7 October 2016

6 Oil to use for your hair

Certain times, the hair doesn't get enough attention as it should when fashion talks hold. And even when the hair is paid any attention, it seems as though women are the only ones allowed to have hair. Lol. I bring to 6 oil and natural products you can use to take care of your hair. Oil of course, you already know makes the hair shine and makes it easier to comb.  Consider using any of these five oil type and do thank me later.

Love On The Brain by Leonard Chukwuebuka Ibeh

You are aware of the curious furtive glances thrown at you; the curious suppressed whisper, hidden in a way that only made it more obvious. You are aware of the long look acquaintances gave to your vacant finger, the tilting of their heads and shrugging of their shoulders to suggest, perhaps you felt comfortable without your ring; and then you are aware of the slight doubt in their heart that trailed the assumption they formulated. You are aware of the cheerful look on the faces of strangers when they adress you as Mrs; a look which quickly turns sour when you correct them: Miss.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Model Daniel Ogeneochuko celebrates Independence Day on a Campaign Against Child Abuse and Molestation

A lot of people believe there's nothing to celebrate about Nigeria Independence, a lot of people were busy complaining. But this fast rising model Daniel Ogeneochuko decides to make the best of the day by joining other models on a Campaign Against Child Abuse and Molestation. 

Meka Ojukwu defines his art as converting negative energy to positive

Meka Ojukwu whose venture into what he calls creating stuff began this journey as a way to convert his negative energies to positive. And he really did have a lot of those negative energies for he said, "Well, I started creating stuff late last year when I broke up, I created the colour series just because it expresses the exact way I felt at the time..." Need I tell you all the negativity that break up wells up on people, the feeling of inadequacy and guilt, the things we wish to have said or not say at all, the emptiness, the need to love and be loved and other feelings that may not be expressed fully in words. You would be sure Meka felt all these cos he said, "Other than the fine art boy I may be confused as, I'm regularly, always sad and wanting to be wanted. Sometimes I just cry because I remember something that I didn't say or do cos I wasn't thinking straight or I was nervous."

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Noble feature on the Xperience with Maryam Elisha, as she talks about the future of Rikaotobyme

“We hope that sometime very soon in the nearest future to be able to stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with some of the best brand names in the business; the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Valentino and such likes.‎"

Thursday, 29 September 2016

History was made at Miss Tourism Oyo 2016

History was indeed made as Darlinkz Concept, Organizers of the Miss Tourism Oyo Pageant made possible the Maiden Edition of the Miss Tourism Oyo Pageant, here in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.  

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The idea behind Charity with Ayaoba

Spurred by the desire to make a better society and the need to give hope to malnourishe children and children hawking in the street, Esther Sandra Ayaoba in June 2016 started Charity with Ayaoba, an organisation that campaigns against child hawking and malnutrition.  

Friday, 9 September 2016

Williams Chinedu on modelling

Williams Chinedu, recently nominated for Best Male Model University Fashion Awards is one of the models recently getting the spot light. Presently, he is in talks with a couple of notable modeling agencies in Nigeria and I’m really waiting to hear gist about his decisions. The 6’2 tall, slim and handsome model has worked with Venny Magazine, Dela designs, K.O designs and walked the Unizik Fashion Show and Awards run way emerging the Best Male Model for the night. Williams was born to an Igbo father from Anambra state and a Yoruba mother from Ogun state. I am sure you would want to know more about this dude, have fun… 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

24 Nigeria Celebrities repping the beard gang

Who them epp? I can imagine that in your mind, and seriously they epp no one, except those blokes who wanna join the beard gang. And they are the dudes who know whatsup. Run a check through my tips on how to rep the beard gangs at if you haven’t, then check out my list of those Nigeria celebs repping the gang.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Nigeria Fashion Evolution, Uyo 2016

This is where the FASHION comes ALIVE, the EARTH quakes with GLAM and the MEN of COLOR meet with GLORY.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Reekado Banks Biography

Reekado Banks whose real name is Ayoleyi Hanniel Solomon is a Nigerian recording artist, singer and songwriter. He was born on 6 December 1993  and currently signed to Mavin Records. He started his career with the stage name Spicy, prior to his deal with Mavins record. Reekado Banks is the last in his family, a music loving family. While his father is a Pastor, the mother is a caterer. He started recording songs in 2008, after finishing from secondary school at age 14. He studied History and Strategic Study from the University of Lagos, where he graduated in 2014.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Fashionista Me : Samuel Ezeofor

Name : Samuel Ezeofor 
Occupation : Student 
Fashion icon(s) :Alexx Ekubo and Banky W 
Preferred designer(s) : Tyla Christen Obiadi 
Most treasured fashion piece(s) : Bow tie

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Join the beard gang

Beards are seen to represent masculinity. Some believe beards highlight the handsomeness of the male. Beards are however wonderful to keep, if one can do the maintenance job, otherwise, the one would look like a tenant in Yaba left. Lol. Beards since last year especially have just moved from that which brings the manliness of the man, to an accessory, a fashion piece that every fashion forward dude should possess. Perhaps, that's why all the guys have joined 'beard' gang. Lol.  

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Nigerian young author, Chukwu John David signs publishing deal with a UK publisher

This blog has never been a news blog, but I can't keep calm on this. I am very sure you remember Chukwu John David, a twenty years old Nigerian author, oh yeah, he just signed a deal with a UK publisher.  Follow to remind yourself of who this great author is, or to read about him. Do well to get a copy of his first novel, African Dark Light, it would be worth your read, I promise.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Monday, 15 August 2016

How to write an effective to-do list

It's me writing cos I have been in those situations where I seem to forget those things I planned to do in a day. Over time, I have come to learn that using a to-do list helps me avoid such situations. Now, I know how to write a to do list, and I thought it would be nice to share the tips with you. Thank me later. Of course, I believe that at some points in your busy life, you forget very important things to do. You and I know this affects your productivity, which affects your reputation. You get frustrated at some points. This challenge leaves you with the need to make to-do lists.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Happy Birthday to me

And I am plus one today. My thanks to you for coming here, it's one of the reasons for which I live, and you make it worth the while. Happy 😊 Birthday 🎂 to me. #Leo

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ten lucrative jobs Nigerians should open up to

In Nigeria today, certain jobs aren't taken seriously and are assumed to be a waste of time even when they are quite lucrative. Imagine telling your father that you intend to be a blogger, God knows he would stop you from seeing your friends as they supposedly make you unserious, that's if the man is 'enlightened'. Mumsy would definitely book deliverance sessions for you. Your friends may have small hopes for you sha, banking on Linda Ikeji's success. The same applies to a few other occupations that the average Nigerian do not understand, even when the demand for this crop of experts keep rising. Let's check them occupations out. 

Friday, 29 July 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for July 2016

The first month in the second half of the year, the peak of summer July started with drama, thanks to Di'ja. Giving Nigeria puzzle, just to tell us she born. Mtcheeewww. And Papa Majek Fashek started accusing Uncle Timi Dakolo, na wa o. Koko-master tory come, secret wedding ko, court marriage ni. Hian, PSquare again with their unending and boring publicity stunts. Lol See Noble Igwe, using marriage to seek attention, o si wife, not cook. Smh. Adekunle Gold thinking he is in Europe, o kwa ya, I dey dey wait to hear him and bloggers tory, o je bi. I can't fit to shout o, One Africa Music Fest, still dancing jare. Dino Melaye sha, Rest In Peace Bukky Ajayi and stay strong Mayowa. I am seriously praying for you.   

10. Majek Fashek/Timi Dakolo : So Majek Fashek thinks he has recovered fully, okwa ya? He really thinks that he can take the music industry again? His accusing Timi Dakolo stealing his song  is just the wrongest thing to do in an attempt to get some attention. Well, drug addicts are almost low on esteem and can do anything to boost it. At least, Timi didn't make a great deal of it, he only went ahead  to explain how their business went.   

9. D'Banj : Imagine the Koko-master doing a secret wedding. 'Chai, that will be bad market'. *in Chigurl's voice* Whoever started the rumour should better not try that again. Lol. Koko-master may be due for marriage, but a secret wedding is just so below him. Though he claimed he would be doing a secret wedding whenever he decides to tie the knots, for now the bobo is still single. And maybe seriously searching.   

8. Di'ja : Isn't it high time Dija learnt how to be a celebrity? Isn't it unfair that her fans were still not settled with a conclusion over her marriage rumour of December last year being true or not? Then, she surprised everyone with her child delivery news. She really got a lot of people wondering, and to think that she coded the news in an animated video. She really needs to learn from her Mavin colleague Tiwa on how to be in the news for just dressing up. How can she be pregnant and carry it for 9 months and no one knows? Speaks so much of her irrelevance though. Lol. Well, she got herself some 'undeserved' attention with this stunt.   

7. Peter Okoye/Paul Okoye (PSquare) : Someone really needs to call Heaven. Mama and Papa PSquare needs to come down and give their sons some real spanking and leave them with some good advice and probably ideas too. How would the two people turn their IG accounts to a stage and their fans unwilling audience. Today Peter laments for being left out, threatening fire and brimstone, tomorrow he comes with an entire diifferent story. And Paul says little or nothing,and has said nothing about Peter claiming that the feud between the duo is over. This two should just get good song writers to save their asses from hitting oblivion faster than Peter can type rants on IG   

6.  Noble Igwe : So, this Oga decides to cash in on his recent marriage and be the talk of the town. Oh Chim!!! He was slammed by his IG followers after his wedding and earlier this month was slammed again because of his heart throb, over cooking matter. Freeze sha made his own opinion known too.  Baba, carry matter for head, go print 'Wife, not cook' on top polo dey sell am 4500. In this 'Buhari' period. O di egwu, though Banky is liking the polo, Noble's followers are still ready to frustrate his attention seeking.   

5. Adekunle Gold : This one stays in his room and dream of being with people's wife, abi? He probably wanks with the people's pictures, but no he can't keep it inside any more, so he had to tell the whole world. Thanks to photoshop, brother carry himself put for Kim Kardashian's picture, definitely gotten from Fergie's milf video. And in his mind of mind Chris Teigen and John Legend's baby is his baby. You people better start a pray for Adekunle Gold hashtag. And hey he released an album. An album he surprised everyone with, an album that was supposed to be on iTunes, for only rich people, but Nigerian bloggers no gree. They have been saving lifes, lol. Brother para o, threatened to sue bloggers. *relaxes* Feels like home video to me, I'm watching.   

4. One Africa Music Fest : 'By the way I'm better than you, that's why I'm wanted, that's why I'm wanted'. That's why Tiwa is wanted. Oh dear, Tiwa's performance at the One Africa Music Fest is cool for days and her making the Roc Nation sign after her performance got people slamming her on IG. Ain't my business though, wishing for a repeat of that performance. Boy, Kaffy and her team were the BOMB. Words can't express the energy they took to the OAMF. 'E ma dami duro, e mi omo baba olowo'. Such epic throwback from Davido and you would lose your shoes dancing to it. Jidenna repping Nigeria, brought masquerades to the stage. And his fashion sense wasn't left behind. He thrilled everyone. I am sure you know Wizkid, Banky W, Praiz, Flavour, Diamond and every other performing artiste nailed it. Can someone tell Paul Okoye this should happen again? 'I'm a classic man...'   

3. Dino Melaye : So this man has an excess secretion of semen that he wants to start impregnating all the female senators. Why ever he chose Tinubu's wife as his first choice. And threatening to beat the woman makes it all the more funny. Lol. And to tell the whole world that the 'impregnate Tinubu's wife' idea is absurd because she af reach menopause., Oh mi Gawd!!! I just can't deal with this one. Please Adeola of keeping it real should come and tell this man that he needs to visit Yaba left. Lol   

2. Bukky Ajayi : Her demise is a big loss for the Nigeria movie industry. The news of her death at 82 shook a lot of people - her fans, colleagues and friends. Though passed at an old age, I still wish she stayed. Rest In Peace Bukky Ajayi.   

1. Mayowa Ahmed : It started with the #savemayowa who was in stage 4 of ovarian cancer. A lot of people were touched by the situation of this young lady. Toyin Ayimakhun took it upon herself to plead with people to donate in a video, and within 48 hours, $100k dollars was raised. Then came the twists, Linda Ikeji reported that the news was a scam, and today the family of dear Mayowa is trying to clear their names. I wouldn't know which side of the story to believe, but Toyin should better know what she's doing and Mayowa's people had better not been misleading Nigerians. #prayforMayowa