Thursday, 22 December 2016

Redwine's Music is Eccentric

'Tell them we come from nothing', 'We won't apologize for who we are' are lines that must stick to your head after listening to Redwine's debut single 'Superstar'. The Port Harcourt based eccentric music artiste was fast to give us 'Be Happy' and 'Care For Me', making it three songs for 2015, the year his music career began. For 2016, he gave us, 'Lemonade', a song produced by Dj Coublon. Redwine has risen to be one of the most sort after music artiste in Port Harcourt. In this interview he revealed his determination to grab that hit in 2017, talked about his switch from modelling to singing and a whole lot of other things you would be glad to find out. Have fun

What's up with the switch from modelling to singing : Singing has always been my passion. Modeling  is or was what I  do or did to pass time. Sort of a hobby you know. But as soon as the time came, I knew I had to be serious with one, so I went for the passion.  

Considering your passion for music, what do you do to become a better music artiste? : Aside my music contributions in the choir and other religious singing platforms, I've also succeeded in putting myself out there in the society, and of course, have tried contributing positively. Through my music.   

What is the unique thing about your music? : I think it's  the 'Redwine Thing' *Laughs* OK let me get serous, the unique thing is its ability to touch lives. 

How did the name Redwine come about? : I'm a writer too and most times when I'm not out sitting with friends, I stay at home all by myself, writing. Though I usually have the company of good music and a bottle of  'Redwine', mostly cause of how fine it tastes.   

What inspires your writing and your music? : Family, society, relationship. *smiles* Family - friends and fans inclusive,  yes I exceedingly love them. Society, I just feel there's a lot that should be done, and I think we are distracted by the unimportant things and that's taken our focus from the main things that our society needs. Relationships, *laughs* My relationship is understanding. *laughs more*   

How would you describe the reaction you get from your listeners? :  My music is eccentric, it's touching, inspiring, calm. I'm grateful, especially for the comments I receive online and  offline. I'm grateful.   

And the negative reactions? : I take as a stepping stone to improve. 

What's your view about the Nigeria music industry? : Well,, there's a whole lot to say about the industry. But I'll say there's no structure. But then, there are people who in their own little way, are paving the way for generations to come. So, yes the industry is growing, atleast as compared to years ago. 

How do you define good music? : Everyone's got a different taste. But to me, any music that makes me feel in a certain way I couldn't have felt before is good music. 

What challenges do you face as an upcoming artiste? : Cash flow; cash problems to push the arts,  gaining publicity, especially as a new artist, standing out of the noise, especially in a social media age.   

How do you handle the challenges? : My way of cause, which may not quite work for you.   

What's your plans for the remaining days of the year and next year? : Just performances, shows and appearances. Next year? Is the year!   

Who are your role models? : My parents, sister and a few friends.   

Words for other upcoming artistes? : Great things sometimes start as a joke. Put God first, don't die and bury yourself when it seems it isn't working as planned. Keep pushing, you just might be this close.

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