Friday, 29 July 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for July 2016

The first month in the second half of the year, the peak of summer July started with drama, thanks to Di'ja. Giving Nigeria puzzle, just to tell us she born. Mtcheeewww. And Papa Majek Fashek started accusing Uncle Timi Dakolo, na wa o. Koko-master tory come, secret wedding ko, court marriage ni. Hian, PSquare again with their unending and boring publicity stunts. Lol See Noble Igwe, using marriage to seek attention, o si wife, not cook. Smh. Adekunle Gold thinking he is in Europe, o kwa ya, I dey dey wait to hear him and bloggers tory, o je bi. I can't fit to shout o, One Africa Music Fest, still dancing jare. Dino Melaye sha, Rest In Peace Bukky Ajayi and stay strong Mayowa. I am seriously praying for you.   

10. Majek Fashek/Timi Dakolo : So Majek Fashek thinks he has recovered fully, okwa ya? He really thinks that he can take the music industry again? His accusing Timi Dakolo stealing his song  is just the wrongest thing to do in an attempt to get some attention. Well, drug addicts are almost low on esteem and can do anything to boost it. At least, Timi didn't make a great deal of it, he only went ahead  to explain how their business went.   

9. D'Banj : Imagine the Koko-master doing a secret wedding. 'Chai, that will be bad market'. *in Chigurl's voice* Whoever started the rumour should better not try that again. Lol. Koko-master may be due for marriage, but a secret wedding is just so below him. Though he claimed he would be doing a secret wedding whenever he decides to tie the knots, for now the bobo is still single. And maybe seriously searching.   

8. Di'ja : Isn't it high time Dija learnt how to be a celebrity? Isn't it unfair that her fans were still not settled with a conclusion over her marriage rumour of December last year being true or not? Then, she surprised everyone with her child delivery news. She really got a lot of people wondering, and to think that she coded the news in an animated video. She really needs to learn from her Mavin colleague Tiwa on how to be in the news for just dressing up. How can she be pregnant and carry it for 9 months and no one knows? Speaks so much of her irrelevance though. Lol. Well, she got herself some 'undeserved' attention with this stunt.   

7. Peter Okoye/Paul Okoye (PSquare) : Someone really needs to call Heaven. Mama and Papa PSquare needs to come down and give their sons some real spanking and leave them with some good advice and probably ideas too. How would the two people turn their IG accounts to a stage and their fans unwilling audience. Today Peter laments for being left out, threatening fire and brimstone, tomorrow he comes with an entire diifferent story. And Paul says little or nothing,and has said nothing about Peter claiming that the feud between the duo is over. This two should just get good song writers to save their asses from hitting oblivion faster than Peter can type rants on IG   

6.  Noble Igwe : So, this Oga decides to cash in on his recent marriage and be the talk of the town. Oh Chim!!! He was slammed by his IG followers after his wedding and earlier this month was slammed again because of his heart throb, over cooking matter. Freeze sha made his own opinion known too.  Baba, carry matter for head, go print 'Wife, not cook' on top polo dey sell am 4500. In this 'Buhari' period. O di egwu, though Banky is liking the polo, Noble's followers are still ready to frustrate his attention seeking.   

5. Adekunle Gold : This one stays in his room and dream of being with people's wife, abi? He probably wanks with the people's pictures, but no he can't keep it inside any more, so he had to tell the whole world. Thanks to photoshop, brother carry himself put for Kim Kardashian's picture, definitely gotten from Fergie's milf video. And in his mind of mind Chris Teigen and John Legend's baby is his baby. You people better start a pray for Adekunle Gold hashtag. And hey he released an album. An album he surprised everyone with, an album that was supposed to be on iTunes, for only rich people, but Nigerian bloggers no gree. They have been saving lifes, lol. Brother para o, threatened to sue bloggers. *relaxes* Feels like home video to me, I'm watching.   

4. One Africa Music Fest : 'By the way I'm better than you, that's why I'm wanted, that's why I'm wanted'. That's why Tiwa is wanted. Oh dear, Tiwa's performance at the One Africa Music Fest is cool for days and her making the Roc Nation sign after her performance got people slamming her on IG. Ain't my business though, wishing for a repeat of that performance. Boy, Kaffy and her team were the BOMB. Words can't express the energy they took to the OAMF. 'E ma dami duro, e mi omo baba olowo'. Such epic throwback from Davido and you would lose your shoes dancing to it. Jidenna repping Nigeria, brought masquerades to the stage. And his fashion sense wasn't left behind. He thrilled everyone. I am sure you know Wizkid, Banky W, Praiz, Flavour, Diamond and every other performing artiste nailed it. Can someone tell Paul Okoye this should happen again? 'I'm a classic man...'   

3. Dino Melaye : So this man has an excess secretion of semen that he wants to start impregnating all the female senators. Why ever he chose Tinubu's wife as his first choice. And threatening to beat the woman makes it all the more funny. Lol. And to tell the whole world that the 'impregnate Tinubu's wife' idea is absurd because she af reach menopause., Oh mi Gawd!!! I just can't deal with this one. Please Adeola of keeping it real should come and tell this man that he needs to visit Yaba left. Lol   

2. Bukky Ajayi : Her demise is a big loss for the Nigeria movie industry. The news of her death at 82 shook a lot of people - her fans, colleagues and friends. Though passed at an old age, I still wish she stayed. Rest In Peace Bukky Ajayi.   

1. Mayowa Ahmed : It started with the #savemayowa who was in stage 4 of ovarian cancer. A lot of people were touched by the situation of this young lady. Toyin Ayimakhun took it upon herself to plead with people to donate in a video, and within 48 hours, $100k dollars was raised. Then came the twists, Linda Ikeji reported that the news was a scam, and today the family of dear Mayowa is trying to clear their names. I wouldn't know which side of the story to believe, but Toyin should better know what she's doing and Mayowa's people had better not been misleading Nigerians. #prayforMayowa

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