Monday, 10 October 2016

Sickle Cell Infographics by Kenyan Photographer, Fiona Omino

Last month was Sickle Cell Awareness month, a lot of campaigns were done, but one remains outstanding. Fiona Omino, a Kenyan Photographer, for her brand Fififiona Photography did some shoots with a few persons living with sickle cell, she went ahead to publish their stories on her blog, to read follow link   

Fiona went ahead to design some infographics that reveals a whole lot about sickle cell. The infographics explained sickle cell, the myths surrounding sickle cell, the symptoms, way of treatment, diagnosis, and almost every information one would need to have about sickle cell anaemia. 

In a chat with Fiona she revealed that she was spurred to do this project by her wanting to make an impact and to put out words on issues affecting us and people around us. She went ahead to say that, 'We focus on major things but forget about other small things. Hence my reason for doing this - to create awareness about sickle cell as no one really talks about it when in reality a lot of people are living with it'   

Fiona is a freelance photographer whose passion for Photography took to Photomagic School of Photography in Nairobi where she got to learn on the basics of Photography and editing of photos. Fiona asides photography is a techie, she loves computers, technology and design.  In her words, 'I love telling stories through photos because people tend to get induldged with visuals more than words. In my free time I am taking photos, listening to music, or exploring new places. I love empowering people and putting a smile on their faces. 

Check out these info graphics below, and keep in touch with Fiona on her photo blog or on IG @fififiona_photography. 


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