Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ten lucrative jobs Nigerians should open up to

In Nigeria today, certain jobs aren't taken seriously and are assumed to be a waste of time even when they are quite lucrative. Imagine telling your father that you intend to be a blogger, God knows he would stop you from seeing your friends as they supposedly make you unserious, that's if the man is 'enlightened'. Mumsy would definitely book deliverance sessions for you. Your friends may have small hopes for you sha, banking on Linda Ikeji's success. The same applies to a few other occupations that the average Nigerian do not understand, even when the demand for this crop of experts keep rising. Let's check them occupations out. 

10. Blogging /Vlogging : One of the jobs created by the internet. Blogging or Vlogging is just having a platform that allows you write or make videos of things you find interesting and count your cash. Simple it seems, but that's before Uche Pedro tells you about how she sweated before Bellanaija started sending in money. Sadly, there's no millionaire Vlogger in Nigeria yet, but a lot of them have massive followership that would turn into money bags in a short while.   

9. Social Media PR : PR is a concept a lot of Nigerians don't even understand on its' own, imagine the increased rate of confusion when social media gets attached to it. Either way, a social media PR person glued to his or her system, doing stuff on social media counts their big bulks. Damn, whatever they may have studied in the university, damn suit and tie and offices.   

8. Web designers and developers : Okay, this is one job I can't do for all it's worth. I just don't have brain for the tech stuff, but the job is dope. Imagine having to make money from writing codes and adding plug-ins and designing templates. Sounds interesting really. And would be more interesting when Nigerian parents  stop thinking that their Web designer children are doing yahoo yahoo. When big Sisters stop nagging their kid bro developer over not having a job cos the dude is glued to the system 24/7. If only the accounts of these youngsters can speak.  

7. Photography : Thanks to Kelechi Amadi Obi, our boys can now decide to hang camera all day on their neck and become rich after a while. The female gender is treated differently when photography is concerned. But, TY Bello is seriously proving that photography is something a girl can do too. For someone that likes pictures and have been busy cultivating friendship with photographers, I can tell you that the job is quite lucrative and every shade of interesting. Treat this camera wielding experts fine and you may get free smiles to the camera. I am sure you know how much a studio session cost. *winks*   

6. Modelling : One of my Lecturers once described models as broomstick figures. Lol. Modelling is one profession, I have always loved and I respect models so much because I never had the confidence to try modelling out even when I still see myself walking the runway in my dreams. Lol.  The profession is seriously getting much attention in Nigeria recently, but that doesn't make us edge our siblings on, when they decide modelling is a career path. The fact that many at times, this set of hardworkers are referred to as prostitutes makes it very annoying. For someone that has a couple of model friends, I can't feel bad enough for how models get treated as cooperate sex workers or a bunch of lazy and confused asses.   

5. Artiste Management : Ofcourse, almost every successful artiste have a manager in Nigeria, that doesn't still get you a thumbs up from your mentor when you decides to open up to him or her about your intentions to be an artiste manager. A lot of people, amongst the artistes themselves don't really understand the worth of their managers and how this set of smart people keep them going. A lot of them upcoming artistes don't even bother seeking for management before starting out cos they don't really understand the relevance of the artistes managers. Aside, managing artistes and celebrities, some other skills like photography, writing, sculpting, modelling needs good management.   

4. DJ: Once, I read an upcoming music artiste rants on social media about how irrelevant DJs are. I was tempted to comment that the fellow needs to go get a better understanding of the music industry. Why, I saved the poor boy, the schooling, I would want to remind you that the work of DJs are very important, especially for music promotion. Though, we have a crop of A-list and celebrity DJs in Nigeria, it still doesn't make sense to an average Nigerian when you say your ambition is to be a DJ. Personally, I'm not very sure that I understand that well myself. Lol. Shout out to all them DJs that make our parties worthwhile. #crazydjs

3. Freelancing : Freelancing is not an occupation per se. A Freelancer is an expert, who decides to be their own boss, and offer the services they are well grounded in. There can be a freelancer anything at all, Writer, Journalist, Photographer, Model, Columnist and just about any other thing. A lot of people make their bulks freelancing in the US, UK and the more civilised world, and of course in Nigeria. But, Calling yourself a freelancer can get you that look that may make you feel stupid, as a whole lot of people don't understand freelancing and how it works.   

2. Sculpting/drawing : Seriously, if a friend says, 'I want to be a sculptor', to me. I wouldn't know how to react to that. I would definitely not talk down the dream, but I may not be a cheerleader either. That doesn't in anyway undermine the love I have for sculptures and drawings. I would definitely have him or her draw or mould me and even draw or mould me wonderful things. Sculpting and drawing has stayed for ages and would remain for years to come. If only I and other Nigerians would give the both profession some more respeck, it would increase the number of people who would venture into them. Trust me, just like every art type, sculpting and drawing is very lucrative.   

1. Creative director/fashion stylist: A creative director is different from a fashion stylist, but sometimes fashion stylists double as creative directors. Many of us like magazines and the beautiful shoots of the models and the celebrities, we never thought someone's job is to make those happen. Creative directors have fun making money by imagining shoots and how best to tell marvelling stories from photo poses. Don't go wondering what photographers do, but trust me creative directors are highly needed to have near to perfect shoots for billboards, magazines and the usual celebrity photo shoots. Fashion stylists are beginning to gain attention in Nigeria too with the progress of the fashion industry. But that doesn't give you a shout out when you decide to become a creative director or a fashion stylist.

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