Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Chukwuma Igboeli, Manager of PurpleGlam Concept on what to expect from UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards 2016

PurpleGlam Concept' forth coming event UNIZIK FASHION SHOW AND AWARDS 2016 (UFSA2016) is the in thing for every fashion lover in and around Awka, Anambra State. This trending event was birthed by the brains of a young talent, Chukwuma Igboeli. Chukwuma is a model registered with Catch22 Model Management. He is also a student of Psychology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. PurpleGlam Concept is owned by Chukwuma who is also a female model instructor. In this exclusive interview, he revealed what should be expected from UFSA2016, his journey into modelling and his growing love for fashion designing. You sure can't wait to go through this...

What is PurpleGlam Concept about? : PurpleGlam Concepts is a registered brand that is basically into harnessing young talents, event planning, model and talent management, all round entertainment in general.   

What inspired UFSA 2016? : Well, UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards 2016 was inspired out of the need for unizik students especially, to fall appropriately and adequately in tandem with the recent happenings in the fashion industry. Unizik is seriously lacking behind in a lot of things, especially when it comes to fashion and model management. A very populous federal university of high standards has to have lots of fun activities for its' students. Like the saying goes 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy' I might also add that another thing that inspired the UFSA2016 was the need for Unizik students to see another side of entertainment asides beauty pageants, some of which are becoming less populous and fraudulent. Also for them to know that a Fashion Show is twice as fun as any event or pageantry.   

How do you combine PurpleGlam Concept and working with Catch 22 modelling agency and school? : Well I manage them very well, thanks to my lovely manager and CEO of catch22 Model Management, Chidera Udezu.  She's a very nice lady. Basically,  I work when I'm back home in Lagos and when I'm in school, I focus on school and work. It's only by the grace of God ooo. By his grace. I've been able to combine them really well. At least I do go for lectures often and I don't have carryovers. All thanks to God almighty.   

What inspired your going into modelling? : Many things inspired me to modelling,  but I started out with the help of my cousin Joplyn who convinced me that I had it all, all the male models features there is. But I didn't just jump into it, I had to make proper research and asked questions to figure out if actually it's what I should go into or not. Fortunately, my research yielded fruits, I found out that what people said about me modelling could be true, so I decided to give it a try.   

How do you react to the notion that one must sleep or pay his way through modelling? : Most times people don't really understand that there's a big difference between being a model and being a beauty queen or a pageant king. Modelling in Nigeria now is very competitive. But there are lots of beauty pageants, and I do get this complaints when girls go for beauty pageants and fail. And not when they try to go for a model search  or try to get signed to an agency. People should really understand. As for the notion, I would like to answer with this. 'Why would you sleep with someone to get something if you're not desperate?'   

What do you do to keep up with your body so as to remain relevant as a model? : (laughs) I really don't do anything at all. I once tried the gym sometime last year but overtime I got to love my body the way it is and appreciated God for giving me such slim nature. I eat a lot and still remain skinny, so, basically I just make sure I use quality cosmetics like a good cream and a good bathing soap.   

Modelling is harshly not a lifetime job, what plans do you have? : Really? It is oo for me anyway. I got to love everything that has to do with modelling. I still have plans of becoming an international super model some day or probably continue modelling for as long as the passion and interest is there.   

It's usual for models to turn to fashion designing, acting, presenting, which should be expected from you? : I expected that question though. Lol. Well I love designs and I do lots of sketches when I'm less busy and lots of things come into my head often. So, probably I could start up my own clothing line in the nearest future. Basically female wears though. (laughs)   

What informed the choices of nominations for UFSA 2016? : We wanted a nominations list that people could nominate and be nominated for. To give everybody the chance to air their view and choose who they actually feel deserves the awards.   

What should be expected from UFSA 2016? : Expect the event to be fun filled, very entertaining and educative as well. In all, expect the event to be of high standards compared to top fashion shows in Milan, Paris and the popular Lagos fashion and design week.   

Where do you see your self in three years time? : Well my dear, in three years from now, I should have been a graduate and a very happy man.   

Your role models : Uhhm. I have a lot of people I really look up to and admire their achievements. One of my role models should be Tyra Banks. (laughs) Don't ask me why.   

Your favourite designers and why? : Arrrrrghhh. You really wanna know? Sisiano and T.I Nathan seems to top my list because their apparels are usually very chic, sophisticated and luxurious to have. If I'm not wearing Sisiano to a red carpet event where I know I'm gonna slay. (laugh) I'm wearing T.I Nathan to work or a cocktail event. As for upcoming designers, hmmm, I really like Leo Designs and Tino Clothings. They are both doing good jobs. 

Your words to other budding models and model coaches? : To be very brief, upcoming models should quit deceiving themselves and do their personal research, if you claim to be a model and you don't get paid for your services, my dear you're a slave, join a very good reputable modelling agency today, the likes of Beth Model Management,  Few Models and Catch22 Model Management all in Lagos. As for other model coaches, as long as you do what you're good at well and it foots your bills, my dear continue it. 

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