Monday, 29 February 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for February 2016

This would be the first time I am making a list of anything on my blog. Coming up with this list wasn't funny though, but it's worth it. These people managed to get the attention of others, getting them talking, breaking records and being in the news. While you read this, expect more lists every once in a while and at least a list like this every end of each month. This list may not be at home with you, but I really would want to hear your opinion, it's very important. You sure would be surprised by who hit the number one spot. Enjoy...  

10. Chinonye J. Chidolue : She hits this spot for her 'Child Hero Funfair/Talent hunt'  held at Lumen Christi TV on valentine's day. The event saw the Premiere of a movie, 'Children of the Street'  which is a child Hero project. The event witnessed the presence of big names in the movie industry and saw to the gifting of various packages to children, basically children from motherless babies homes. Hers is a commendable effort. Chinonye is a script writer cum actress, soon her name would be house hold, just wait on that. 

9. Ayodele Daniel Dada : Ayodele broke into my list. Recently, he was everywhere in the news for graduating with 5.0 CGPA from University of Lagos. Such record breaking, as he is the first and only student with such results in the history of University of Lagos. He's tough. Got me wondering if that's a pass through heaven's gate. Lol.

8. William Eluagu : Not many people ever get the privilege of having news about them on Linda Ikeji Blog. William Eluagu got that for his artwork, 'Your Destiny is in your Hands' which was his final year project work at Yabatech. William has also been featured in various national newspapers. He even did get featured in my blog. Follow to read about William if you missed it. It's interesting to know that William's work was done using PET bottles.  

7. Runcie C.W Chidebe : A lot of efforts have recently been put on Cancer campaigns in Nigeria and these campaigns have been making waves and getting people enlightened about cancer. One leader of such campaigns is Runcie C.W Chidebe, the executive director of Project PinkBlue.

6. Davido : Dele Momodu si na chi. Lol. I can't fit to shout sha. From the baby mama scandal to the luxurious watches that keep future time to the Fader magazine cover and the Sony deal. Which musician isn't jealous of him presently? Davido rocked this month. 

5. TY Bello : She really made me feel bad for not having a photo bombing talent and for not hawking bread. TY Bello discovery of a talented model Olajumoke got people talking. Tinie Tempah won't forget his photo session with her quite soon. And poor Jumoke would forever remain grateful for the discovery.  

4. Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye: : It started with Peter telling the world that he's fired Jude. And Peter taking time to discuss the problems with their manager and brother Jude. Jude of course didn't keep quiet, but the height was Paul's picture upload that had Peter missing. The talks began, fans and followers all had things to say. The court case sha and the GLO scandal. I refuse to stop wondering o.  

3. Linda Ikeji : Never knew that bags could be very expensive. Never knew that people can detect fake bags from pictures. Nigerians and their unique talents. The only blogger that other bloggers blog about, Linda Ikeji was on every one's lips after posting pictures of her newly acquired bags. Surprisingly, some people allow themselves think she can't afford such bags even while living in a house worth over 500 million Naira. Hian, I just dey look her haters with three eyes.  

2. Naira depreciation : This is no human and I really wish it got the first slot on this list. The Naira depreciation palaver have tire me o, especially since match box started selling for 20 Naira and a bag of sachet water for 150 Naira. God, I got beloxxi cream crackers for 15 Naira as against 10 Naira. I don't want to wizard hunt, my own is that every one has an opinion about this whole issue that is affecting my purse big time. Biko, who ever it is that is in charge should do something.

1. Olajumoke Orisaguna : From hawking bread and photo bombing Tinie Tempah on TY Bello's shoot to a super model and a motivational speaker in one month. Who does that? Every news media has news about Jumoke and the deals she's been nailing. Jesus Christ, the geh have reach CNN o. She's been making people talk. Over 30k instagram followers in one month. An illiterate bread seller turned celebrity. God of wonders is still alive. I hope someone else hits the number one spot here next month, but the way Jumoke is going, that's a rare chance.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Emmanuel Ifegwu on Mr Tourism Nigeria 2015 and his passion for fashion styling

He may not be one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, but he is one talent the fashion industry should expect. He's passionate and he loves what he does. I wouldn't miss out his fine spirit and those smiles he wears always. Emmanuel Ifegwu is a final year student of industrial chemistry and he is a stylist and a designer whose first collection would be out in a few months time. Emmanuel has worked with Okeez footwears; Blogger, Ruth Dulac; Miss Anambra Cultural, Kosiso Nwachuwu and some other people. He contested for Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2015. In this exclusive interview, he opens up on his experiences in the pageant, his plans for his cloth line and his love for fashion styling. Have a nice read through...

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Award categories for UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards 2016

UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards 2016 releases award categories for this year's award. With the award categories released, award nominations have commenced and all fashion lovers in UNIZIK are called upon to make their nominations.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Fast rising model Emmanuel Somto releases new photos

Fast rising Nigerian model Emmanuel Somto releases new photos. The young Imo state born talent is one model to look out for as he is not looking back one bit. Just last year he got nominated for Best male model Imo Fashion and Entertainment Awards 2015; Nigerian Icon Fashion Award fast rising male model of the year; Whispers magazine best male model; Anambra Youth Exclusive Choice Awards most handsome male of the year; and Eastern Fashion Awards best male model. There's no dulling for Somto this year as he is set to take his career to a higher level. You really would love his new pictures, especially the Afro-politan vibes in them. #DukeofAfrica #malemodelsrock

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Donate to save Oyayi, cancer is not a death sentence

I volunteered for PROJECTPINKBLUE  for a while now. I just got a confirmation mail today, which was followed by the content of this post. A mail asking for donations for Miss Comfort Oyayi Daniel. Though, the mail requested that I share this on Facebook, I felt it was wise I also solicit my blog readers to join in this donation to save Comfort and allow her the privilege of following her dreams of being a journalist. Below is the mail I got from Team PROJECTPINKBLUE. Feel free to share with others. #SaveOyayi

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Queen Alice Ebika on her Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015 experience

Miss Tourism Nigeria is one pageant that celebrates Nigeria cultural heritage. Last year's pageant had lot of beauty Queens emerge. One of such Beauty Queens is Miss Alice Ebika, who represented Zamfara state in the pageant. Alice Ebika has used her office to set up Foundation for Sickle Soldiers, a foundation set to enlighten people on the need to remove the death sentence labelled on every one with sickle cell anaemia. Alice Ebika was last year named among the 15 African models to expect in 2016 by Xpress Africa blog. In this exclusive interview, Alice narrates her experience in the Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015 pageant and then opens up on her foundation. I am sure you will to read this... 

What is Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant about? : Miss Tourism Nigeria is a national pageant aimed at portraying the rich diversity of Nigeria and its' culture through Nigerian beauties from all part of the country yearly.

How did you feel winning Miss Tourism Zamfara state? : *smiles* Well, I have always been asked this question. Just as I said earlier I represent Zamfara state for Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015/2016 after much stages and screening of the Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant where I made it as a finalist. So, practically I am the reigning Miss Tourism Zamfara state till the next national pageant begins. One beautiful factor about Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant is the very unique challenges it gives to contestants to represent a whole new culture which in turn helps portray ONE NIGERIA. So, I didn't choose to be a Zamfara state representative. I was chosen to and I loved the whole idea because I am always addressed as a Fulani in school because of my body features so I grabbed the opportunity to explore.

What inspired your contesting for Miss Tourism Zamfara state and then Miss Tourism Nigeria? : I have always loved pageants because of the numerous opportunities it gives to young Nigerian girls to help as ambassadors of youth development. So, I challenged myself into Miss Tourism Nigeria  pageant to learn as a young achieving model.

What have you achieved as Miss Tourism Zamfara state? : Wow. I have actually achieved more than I thought I could as a state representative. I mean young Nigerian girls should learn to always make their platforms or positions known no matter how little they think it is. I am reigning because I chose to use a position I currently occupy to make my dreams come alive. I really don't need to be crowned before I unleash who I am and my motives. The greatest achievement is the actualization of a charity cause I have always wanted to work on even as a kid, "The foundation for Sickle Soldiers" with which I have been able to create a niche for myself. Like I am being watched out for. *laughing* Yeah, I mean that beauty Queen that always talks and works on the cause for the Nigerian child living with sickle cell and it's absolutely the best because it has attached a title anyone can easily know it has to be Miss Alice Ebika.

What inspired your sickle cell foundation? : Hmmmm. Most significantly why I chose sickle cell is due to the alarming mortality rate of "The Nigerian child living with sickle cell anaemia". Almost everyone is neglecting what sickle cell soldiers actually need but rather prefer seeing it as a death sentence as if anyone living with sickle cell dies sooner than later which is very wrong. So, I am on this charity cause to prove that "myth" wrong and let everyone know that sickle cell soldiers are actually strong because they are not patients they are soldiers that fight silently daily.  

How did you feel not winning Miss Tourism Nigeria? : I didn't really feel good but losing never means failure for a real human. It was a competition and a winner has to be crowned.

How fair do you consider the Miss Tourism Nigeria contest? : The pageant was as fair as the organizers could have it because every pageant has its rules and facts to crowning a winner.

What other things do you want to achieve as Miss Tourism Zamfara state before handing over? : (Laughs) I guess you should watch the throne for more.

What about being a beauty Queen do you think people don't understand and should understand? : Hmmmmmm. A lot, but most of it all is the fact that everyone thinks being a beauty Queen is only when you are publicly crowned. Hell no! Some pageants even still crown after its' grand finale which is very wrong. There are pageants that only come with title as a finalist and runner up. Such pageants crown only one which everyone will know as the winner. It is now up to you to live as a true Queen whether you emerged a finalist or runner up. Because at the very end it is what you do after the pageant that the world acknowledges.

How have your life been affected as a Beauty Queen? : The experience makes me strive to be the best always.

What does it take to be a Beauty Queen or to participate in a pageant and win? : It takes confidence and grace I would say, because, most times your best might just be too intimidating and most importantly hard work. 

What should be expected from you after your reign as Queen? : An adage says a Queen is always a Queen... So I should say I am far from being over...   

How do you keep up considering the expectations people make of you as a Beauty Queen? : I really don't have to go astray just to keep up with the world expectations. I won't force myself to be what they think it should be. I am always me.

Role model(s)  :  I love Yvonne Nelson because of her originality. I admire Queen Collete Nwadike because she is a goal-getter.

Most treasured fashion piece(s) : I love hair bands so much, shoes. Though I won't say I am a fashion person. My mood describes my look so if I ever wake up feeling chic, prepare to see me chic. If I ever wake up not feeling chic prepare to see me on jeans and a Tee.  

Words to aspiring Beauty Queens? : Hmmmm. Always stay true to yourself, stand for what you believe in always.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Guchymek Enterprises Ltd presents Diamond Nigeria Pageant 2016

Have you heard of the Diamond Nigeria Pageant 2016? This is a pageant you just don't want to miss for anything. So tell your sister, your girl friends and your female cousins to grab this opportunity. It's an opportunity to be crowned the first ever Diamond Nigeria Queen. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

William Eluagu on his artwork, 'Your Destiny is in Your Hands'

William Eluagu is graduate of Fine Art (Sculpture)  from Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. His artwork, 'Your Destiny is in Your Hands'  which was his HND project recently became the talk of the time, so much more that it got featured in Linda Ikeji Blog, the most popular blog in Africa. Eluagu is a full time studio artist with interest in art, architectural finishing and conceptual designs in furniture and events decor. In this exclusive interview, Eluagu opens up on the idea behind 'Your Destiny is in Your Hands', his interests in art and how his experience has spanned for thirteen years starting in 2003. He, however has a whole lot lined up, do well to watch out for me. At the main time, have a nice read...

BORA 2015 Pre-Award VIP Event

Best of Rivers Awards (BORA) set to hold BORA 2015 PRE-AWARD VIP Event by 7pm on Thursday, 25 February 2016 at Platinum Lounge Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt. 

The event is scheduled to start by 7pm and end by 9pm. The Pre-Award VIP Event is basically for BORA 2015 nominees, the media, and all stake holders of all facets of the nominated categories. The date of the BORA 2015 would be announced on the Pre-Award Event. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

All they wanted...

Nkem was happy when she found that she got admission to study mass communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Why wouldn't she be happy for getting admission after staying at home for one year while her besties Onyinye and Nchedo were already in school. Not like Nkem was very interested in the university, but she had no choice than to get a degree for her parents, her father especially. All Nkem wanted was to go to a fashion school and for a privilege to work as an intern with seasoned designers like Ade Bakere, Ituen Basi and Tiffany Amber. Her father would not hear of that. Her father wanted her to study law and become the first female barrister in the family. It took a lot of pressuring from her mother to convince her father to allow her apply for mass communication in JAMB. And to allow her, do a one year intern at Aunty Ikem's tailoring shop within the time she waited for admission. The admission would also cause her to stay away from home during the school period as her parents lives in Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe University is in Awka.