Friday, 28 October 2016

More on Riyality Photography Self Confidence Shoot

The model for Riyality Photography Self Confidence shoot, Adanna Egbo took to Facebook write about her feelings about the shoot. Reading through this my attention is drawn to how parents can help build their children's confidence, and friends too can help. Then, our own personal efforts matter. 

Below is what Adanna wrote :

Let me tell you something...
Growing up I wanted to be like my younger dark skinned sister, I wished to be like her. . I mean she was allowed to play in the sun but I wasn't, she could go in and leave unnoticed but it was quite the opposite for me, and being an extrovert I wanted to be everywhere. Mum made sure I had an umbrella and never showed up sunburnt, in fact the first time I came home sunburnt she criedπŸ˜πŸ˜€.
People always wanted to touch me, some felt I was a doll or something of sort. And then I grew up into being called albino and all other sort of names but my mama won't take shit from no body and she will always fight for me and tell me how I wasn't an albino but a white girl living in a black country, my siblings will hold me and walk around with me and make me feel special. Dad calls me "the girl that takes moonlight out of business" I mean why not, I light up a room😘😍
And then I had to go through secondary school alone without my family, but then I made amazing friends who would shout u down if u dare called me an albino.
And at some point in my life I just knew it was time to Brace myself, accept who I truly am and move on. (Ain't nobody gonna sit around and watch u cry). And Oh yes I cried, I asked God why. I really wanted to feel different but God didn't have time for my tantrums.
I don't know what you feel like or what it is for you but just know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and CREATED for a PURPOSE.
So brace up and discover your purpose.
I never knew I would inspire someone but oh yes I inspire @theonlyriya and I know I inspire u too.. 😘😘😘😘
#albinoandproud #inmyskiniwin #iglow #strongwoman #albino #albinism #allshadesofgorgeous #selfconfident #selfcrush
Photography: @riyalityphotography
Styled by: @luiclothing
Makeup by @evanamakeovers

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