Saturday, 15 October 2016

Buhari Right About His Wife

I hate to have to say it, but Buhari is sure about where Aisha belongs and he is not lying about it. Listening to Aisha's interview on BBC Hausa would definitely tell you that our dear confused First Lady isn't behind her husband as every wife is 'supposed' to be, and not even beside him. The supposed is because I don't fan the concept of a woman being behind the man, even when that's a leading notion.   

Though many would flaw Buhari's words on the grounds of it undermining the position of the woman. I see it as Buhari keeping it 100, saying it the way it exactly is. You wouldn't want to think that a woman who says that Nigeria politics has been hijacked by a very few on the one hand, and on another hand says she doesn't know these very few people is at a place not the other room. She must have been busy figuring out how best to entertain her husband in the room, that she didn't bother to find out who the hijackers are, so as to fight them. She was evidently so engulfed with kitchen work that she doesn't know yet her husband's plans for 2019, after 27 years of staying in the man's house as she bragged, one would expect she could read the man's thoughts. Oh, perhaps Buhari has been changing with his change. She's so busy making sure that her daughters don't watch the Kardashian girls that she hasn't time to argue over her position in Buhari's life. No, she just knows it's the truth and there's no arguing that.   

I would have wanted to give her all the blame, but I would leave some to her Parents who didn't pay her to read as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie advice parents to do. Chimamanda wasn't there when she was raised so her parents wouldn't have known.   

Biko, why we decide to kill Buhari for saying his piece of truth, let's be true to ourselves cos if Buhari has said this over a bottle of beer with some friends he would get a thumbs up. But, because he said it in public, we all want to kill him, just like we always attempt to kill Chimamanda each time she shouts liberation for the women folk. Let's all be feminists and let's leave Buhari and Aisha, the arrangement works for them.

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