Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ten most influential Nigerians for June 2016

What a month June is, not much drama. The economic situation is really placing everyone on energy saving mode. No be person wey get money buy tomatoes cook rice go get strength? Lol. Buhari didn't disappoint Nigeria this month with his ear drama, and Wizkid keeps soaring. That's how some people would stop at nothing just to get attention and Falz be making Nigeria proud. Thanks to Uche Jumbo on her clarification on gender equality, and Queen Alice Ebika for standing up to join the world sickle cell awareness campaign. Please avoid fights with your Boss, cos you may hardly win. Sha, check out which ten people stole the show for this month and drop your comments.   

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Image Tower Boss, James Izidor on combining law and photography

It's funny that James who doesn't fancy being at the camera's spotlight performs lotta magic and miracles behind it. James Jesse Izidor, the CEO of image tower is a 400 level law student of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. James also does visual arts, writes poems and songs. In this exclusive interview, we discussed his brand, image tower and the place of photography in Nigeria. James, is one photographer to watch out for in the next five years as he may be doing some work with NatGeo wild by then and image tower would have been an international brand doing movie productions and lots more. Enjoy...  

Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Foundation For Sickle Soldiers Marks sickle cell awareness day


Winners of UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards 2016

The UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards (UFSA)  2016 held last night at Marble Arch Hotel, Awka. This is the first ever fashion show in UNIZIK. The event had young and creative designers showcase their designs.The models nailed it rocking these designs like no man'man's business. The event awarded Fashionable persons and brands. The UFSA 2016 was all it promised to be. And below is a complete list of the awardees.   

Monday, 20 June 2016

How to start a photography career in Nigeria

The meaning derived from words said or written is usually dependent on the quality of pictures the words could paint in the minds of the hearers or readers. Pictures and images leave long lasting imprints that can span longer than words. This explains the rave for pictures. The social media have only increased the picture craze, making everyone a photographer ready with their phone shutter button, to capture moments for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. This, however, doesn't displace photographers. We all still need that experienced photographer for our birthday shoots, pre-wedding and wedding pictures, matriculations and convocations. And there are no model shoots on runways and in pageants and for models' portfolios and bill boards without professional photographers.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Mr. Teen Nigeria, Emmanuel Somto slays in new pictures

I told ya Emmanuel Somto is doing nothing short of slaying this year. He emerged Mr. Teen Nigeria 2016 on 29 May 2016. Endorsements are fast coming. He recently released new pictures to celebrate his winning. The pictures are everything, trust me. Check them out and confirm.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Kila and Tixy on Payday

Kila teams up with Tixy to cook up this gbedu blasting single of the season under the Ghost Records imprint. Ain't no playing with these two. They aren't even trying to carve a niche for themselves, they are out to take over the entire friggin' industry! Thank me later.

Follow to download.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Review of Ikenna Okeh's 'A Bad Time to Die'

If you have ever wanted to quit a job to take up another career path, writing especially, you would understand Luciano, his plights and his frustrations.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

CEO ReiVon, Andrei Esin on his passion for empowering youths

Andrei Bassey Esin in a bunch of talents and abilities. The 400level student of Food and Science Technology, University of Uyo is the CEO of ReiVon Management, a mother model management which is a subsidiary of Drei's Consortia, Uyo. Andrei is also a lead vocalist of a music group 'The Harmoniques'. Andrei does modelling on the side, he is a fashion consultant, a creative director, a stylist and a food lover. Lol. In this exclusive interview, Andrei explains the idea behind RV Management and his motivations. You wouldn't want to miss out on this, read...  

So what exactly is ReiVon all about? : Well ReiVon is a movement. I'm really bothered by the number of youths who are lazy, abused, under motivated and have settled for less. The need to sort things out, be a voice not just through my music, personality, or talks led to the birth of RV MANAGEMENT. RV MANAGEMENT motto is 'empower yourself'. So, basically that is all we are about. Empowering talented and hardworking youths in music, fashion and lifestyle, photography, etc. So far we've made progress and with the good Lord we'll do more.   

How did you begin the journey that begat ReiVon? : Ok, it's always been there. As a child I always was the one people ran to for opinions and counsel. But, the major rush came in 2014. I just couldn't bear the manipulation. So I birthed RV. We also have a working campaign #helpyouthsfocus. There's a lot of distractions you know and a lot of young folks are confused, low self esteem issues and personality and identity crisis. The campaign is to inspire young folks to achieve the most of what nature tossed their way and make living a lot better.  

What manipulations couldn't you bear exactly? : As a growing child, teenager and young adult, it's typical to be naive, ever trusting and indecisive. This happens a lot. These set of individuals are manipulated especially by the older folks for cheap gains. Let's not push further, you know what I mean. I bet you are a victim too. And we have and will continue to empower young people to become aware of who they really are and how much they are worth and why they can't settle for manipulations.   

So how exactly do you go about empowering the youths and getting them off from the manipulations? : I already hinted you on that. Basically a lot of youths are naive and blind. When a man gets wise counsel, he progresses. Basically by talking, one on one meets. Give them a reason to get involved in something worth doing. I won't settle for less when I have more. That's the idea. A few of them have got the talents but no level ground to develop or harness them. RV has done that.   

How have you been able to put all this together? : Our modelling agency, Our talent management, The ushering team, as well as our partnership with businesses run by young innovative minds. We've achieved a feat.   

What challenges do you face and how do you cope? : Wow. That's a big one. A lot of youths have been so hurt they don't want to open up. So many have given up on their dreams and are so bitter. A lot have been misled and have fallen easy prey, so they find it hard trusting people. Then, there's the economic crisis. It's taking a toll on every business owner. And as a genuine management that we are trying to become, we make money when our models do and these days have been tough. But as a leader, I can only lead on inspiration. As we inspire others, we inspire ourselves. So, basically it's all about time. How willing you are to go at the pace of a particular individual, client, colleague etc. But with faith in God and perseverance on our part, we keep excelling.   

What was the reaction of your parents, siblings and friends when they got aware of the fact that you are embarking on this journey? : Oh well, I have an amazing set of parents. My dad is a medical doctor and my mom, an educationist. I learn so much from them. They have really been supportive of my education, my music, my business, and everything. Same as my siblings, but my sister is super adorable. *laughs* She's just the best I've ever had. Plus she's part of the team. All beautiful people. I try to stay away from negativity. So all my friends are sources of inspiration.   

From your experience so far, what can our young ones do to shield themselves from manipulations, as you would agree with me, prevention is better than cure : People perish for they are without knowledge. So, when a challenge comes they fall by the way side.  Read wide. Get to interact, I love mature and wise folks. I learn a lot. I remain inspired every time. Young folks need to know how to build the right kind of relationships. And it is necessary for parents to enlighten their children. Two things make an individual - genetics first, then environment. And parents have the biggest share of this more than anyone.   

How do you combine RV and school? : RV is school. I learn some new things everyday. There's really no difference. So it's not like a surreal experience for me. Plus most of the people I work with are students. It's easy.   

How do you react to people giving school or finance as an excuse to follow their passion? : We do not charge our models or the individuals under our management. So no excuses. Except for the lazy ones and we know how to beat them to focus.   

What words would you give to other young entrepreneurs? :  Stay inspired. It's not easy for any one. But it can only get better. Be in the company of people who believe in your brand and wish the best things for you.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Foundation For Sickle Soldiers organizes Rising Above Limitations

Do you know your genotype? 
Do you know about wrong genotype match? 
Do you know about sickle cell? 
Do you live with sickle cell? 
Do you know a friend, a brother or a sister that lives with sickle cell? 
Do you wish to learn more about sickle cell?   

Then, be at Federal Polytechnic Oko on 18 June 2016 for this enlightening event. Come learn the right ways to live with sickle cell. Come and be motivated!   

The seminar themed, 'Rising Above Limitations' will start off with an hour walk/run from the Polytechnic main gate to Civic Centre Oko and back to the Polytechnic convocation arena where the health seminar follows shortly. Come have a heart to heart interaction with specialists. 

This life changing event is organized by The Foundation for Sickle Soldiers, a sickle cell campaign group owned by Queen Alice Ebika. Alice Ebika was first runner up Miss Federal Polytechnic Oko 2014, the current Miss Tourism Zamfara State and was named as one of the top 15 African models to watch out for by Xpress Africa.   

Rising Above Limitations  is proudly sponsored by Tummy-Tummy foods,Event beverages and Triple tree hotels. Supported by Haemortology Unit NAUTH and sickle cell club Nnewi,Anambra state.

For further enquiries call +2347061218102, +2348138720085, +2348034820562