Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Noble Feature On The XPERIENCE With Mrs Esther Audu Ojire

Mrs Esther Audu Ojire, who got hitched some months ago was born on March 22, in Ikeja lagos, she is a Nigerian Actress ,who hails from olamabro LGA of Kogi state.

She is married to popular Director Phil Ojire, a delectable young man, with a lot of soft works.

This beautiful and multiple award winning actress is the 5th child out of six children and attended her primary and secondary school education at Abuja ,before she attended the university of jos , where she graduated in 2010 with a degree in Business management.

And we so glad she is our cover girl!!!

Get to know her better.

My acting started when I was in secondary school. I was doing stage plays and drama. After which I decided to take it as a career. I started attending auditions and started playing minor roles. From there things got better and look how far we have gone. God indeed has been faithful.


The challenges were much you know, as an up coming actor, it was very difficult for producers and directors to trust you to give you a major role ,they will feel one might not be able to carry it but as time goes by my act and performance convinced them.

Although it looked like it won't come , but with patience and hardwork one can actually achieve all they dream of.


Well I have done quite some good movies but I think NO JERSEY NO MATCH (a short film) gave me that break when I came in fresh into the industry.

But I will say BURNING BRIDGES did it, although I have not gotten that massive break I desire but soon by God's grace it will come.


Hmmmm most beautiful feeling ever, and my husband is a gift to me from God. That's all I can say.

Something big is cooking just keep your fingers crossed and you will be find out soon

Cover Credit.
Make up by Vugo24
Photography by Eno ojo photography
Graphic design Audrey Peyton.


We are glad you're ending this year with us blissfuly, we all from the XPERIENCE online media, wish a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!!!

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