Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Nigerian young author, Chukwu John David signs publishing deal with a UK publisher

This blog has never been a news blog, but I can't keep calm on this. I am very sure you remember Chukwu John David, a twenty years old Nigerian author, oh yeah, he just signed a deal with a UK publisher.  Follow to remind yourself of who this great author is, or to read about him. Do well to get a copy of his first novel, African Dark Light, it would be worth your read, I promise.

Chukwu John David who happens to be a Nigerian internationally celebrated young author of African Dark Light has signed a publishing deal for his second and third books with a UK based publisher.

In his words, "After signing the contract of my first book, African Dark Light with an American publisher — Inner Child Press Ltd, USA; the journey of making my way to leading the African literature has been somewhat an adventure worth using to motivate the upcoming writers."

Chukwu John David says he is excited about this publishing deal, and as such hopes to get the best of warm welcome as his readers and followers in London get ready to read through the pages of his forthcoming books.

These books, according to Chukwu; are titled It Came from the West, and Black Clan.  Chukwu says that these books hold the promise of breaking different boundaries for African Literature. His UK publisher, Amal had this to say, "Signing Chukwu to the publishing company will never be a regret to the team. Chukwu, as we have discovered is a zealous young author, having dedicated fans who tend to support him and his books. His forthcoming books under our company hold many potentials of satisfying the need through which we conclude to invest our resources in them. In few weeks, these books will be available for purchase in many bookshops all over London and extended to many other countries. Online purchase platforms will be launched upon prepublication and books launch party holds middle of October in Blackburn, UK. Working with this talented Nigerian young author is a good experience."

Chukwu uses this opportunity to send warm regards to his fans all over the world and hopes his forthcoming books will make the best read ever.

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