Monday, 3 October 2016

Meka Ojukwu defines his art as converting negative energy to positive

Meka Ojukwu whose venture into what he calls creating stuff began this journey as a way to convert his negative energies to positive. And he really did have a lot of those negative energies for he said, "Well, I started creating stuff late last year when I broke up, I created the colour series just because it expresses the exact way I felt at the time..." Need I tell you all the negativity that break up wells up on people, the feeling of inadequacy and guilt, the things we wish to have said or not say at all, the emptiness, the need to love and be loved and other feelings that may not be expressed fully in words. You would be sure Meka felt all these cos he said, "Other than the fine art boy I may be confused as, I'm regularly, always sad and wanting to be wanted. Sometimes I just cry because I remember something that I didn't say or do cos I wasn't thinking straight or I was nervous."

Before you run off thinking Meka as a sad fellow, let me remind you that not everyone learns how to make positivity out of negativity and that's something to give him credit for, at least. And the sadness only was for a while. Meka is a model who  in stead of doing YouTube videos as a way to express himself decided to explore himself in totality through arts, learning how to express himself in the most artistic way possible. This led to the birth of one of the stuff Meka creates — nudity.   

Meka would definitely stop at nothing to show the world that a male can as well explore his sexuality and nudity, just to tell the world that he appreciates his bod. Meka gets naked to express his ability to be comfortable with his body. "The time I'm naked, it's just expressing my ability to be comfortable with my body,"  Meka said. Something, I think a lot of people should learn, being comfortable with their body. He went ahead to say, "Sometimes I explore sexuality and nudity to appreciate my body, I think everyone ought to be happy in his or her skin, love the body shape you have, and treat yourself nicely." This is the part I give Meka some tuale, having followed him for a while, I have had the opportunity to see all the nakedness and bareness and baldness — his hair (if I would add), though I love my whole being and I'm comfortable in my own skin, I still can't take the leap, and go nude, not for all the money and fun it may be worth.   

Meka who loves the human nature had gone ahead to draw, and his drawings have messages centred on all the abnormal, sad, happy and self love stories that he could think of. Could there be any other kind of stories not captured in these drawings? Meka would want to know that, I would suppose that he desires  his stories to be the type every one could relate to.   

While you may be wondering the essence of the arts and what Meka stands to gain from all of that, let me tell you that brother Meka is busy figuring out how best to make money from his arts. Orders have been coming and he has closed some deals, though some had gone sour, as he was cheated out. But, as they say, 'Experience is the best teacher', and he had learnt his lessons. He had done the cover art of one of Redwine Eccentric's singles and Boy Laime's. Presently, he is collaborating with a designer who wants some of his designs printed on tee shirts.   

Try get yourself a copy of any of Meka's design, so that the next time you are out of a relationship, and you see your self doodling in front of your laptop, you would know well to look for anything artsy, that could be your break. *winks*

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