Friday, 9 September 2016

Williams Chinedu on modelling

Williams Chinedu, recently nominated for Best Male Model University Fashion Awards is one of the models recently getting the spot light. Presently, he is in talks with a couple of notable modeling agencies in Nigeria and I’m really waiting to hear gist about his decisions. The 6’2 tall, slim and handsome model has worked with Venny Magazine, Dela designs, K.O designs and walked the Unizik Fashion Show and Awards run way emerging the Best Male Model for the night. Williams was born to an Igbo father from Anambra state and a Yoruba mother from Ogun state. I am sure you would want to know more about this dude, have fun… 

Why decide to go into modeling instead of acting or writing being that you like those too? : It’s not easy jare, writing and just keeping it to myself, I write songs that I don’t know how to sing, so I write those and give to my elder sister. 

What attracted you to modeling? : The attitude -  the boning, the facial expressions and all; the pictures, I have always loved jumping into photos; the poise; I have always liked meeting people; I thought modeling will take me places. 

What about modeling do you find uninteresting? : What about modeling do I find uninteresting? Pheeww, you would help me answer that one, *laughs* when it clashes with school, just like it is happening now. 

How do you then combine modeling and schooling? : Ehhm, I just drop modeling, if I’m really having something very important in school, I just drop modeling. Yeah, I can always model though, but, I don’t joke with my school. 

What reactions did you get from friends and family, when you told them you wanted to go into modeling? : They have always known that anything I put myself into will always be successful, so, they supported me, and asked that I go on. No reservations from any one of them. 

What’s your best experience as model? : Meeting people like skinny girls, I love skinny girls. Meeting people and talking to them, travelling, yeah, and the pictures, the photographers, I love photographers a lot. 

What’s your worst experience as a model? : Actually, modeling is quite interesting, so interesting that I haven’t had a bad experience yet. 

Role models: Tayo Ogunkoya, David Gandy, William Levi, James Evan, Andre Haman, Ijeoma Rita Ezeagwu, Ben Murray Bruce. 

What is your say about models paying or having sex to get jobs? : I hear models sleep around to get jobs, but I have not seen someone who's had such experiences as a model. I haven’t seen. I also hear that models pay to get jobs, but that’s for desperate models. One thing about modeling, is that as a starter, you may have to do free jobs. 

Which brands or designs would you want to work with? : I would want to work with Noble Igwe, Jidereason, K.O, Christen Obiadi’s T.V, Dela designs, Emmykasbit, T. Nathan, Moashy styling and a couple of others. 

Models you want to work with? : Princess Agunbiade, Modupe Adeshina, Michael Ashley. 

What do you to keep fit and look good? : I drink water, I eat beans a lot, I don’t go for much carbohydrate, I work out, though not regularly, I’m not a gym rat, I watch my weight a lot. 

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? : Next five years, ‘I fit done stop modeling.’ *laughs* Next five years, I should be done with school, *laughs* Nna, I see myself in heaven, *laughs harder* 

Do you still hope to go into acting, writing anytime? : Writing, I will always write, article or songs, it is about me making  out the time, getting my books, going out to look at things and make observations, and write about them. Yeah, acting, I have a film maker friend Chinedu Williams Arinze and one of these days I would go into acting. 

What are your views about modeling in Nigeria? : Modeling has really grown in Nigeria and it is a big industry. Nigeria leads in modeling in Africa, check out the agencies on instagram and the number of followers they have. You can see Nigerian models like Tayo Ogunkoya who are in the international modeling scene. 

How do you define a successful model? : A successful model is a model that has actually made him or herself fit in with whatever he or she is modeling or advertising. A model’s personality is different from the cloth he or she models, the model needs adjust, to fit in the cloth and deliver, either on the runway or in pictures. A successful model is a model who has graced so many covers and is known, a model who has put in his or her best for years. 

At what point would you quit modeling? : ‘When my body done ripe’, when my body is overdue , I stop. When, I don’t feel like, it’s something I like, and I don’t know why I’m loving it too much. It’s actually the picture and the attitude that I’m liking.

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