Sunday, 21 August 2016

US film maker, Tim Wilson reviews Chukwu John David's African Dark Light

Book review on: African Dark Light by Chukwu John David.
Reviewer: Tim Wilson.
Michigan, USA.
May, 2016.

African Dark Light is a compelling story that takes the reader into a world and culture that
the average Westerner has no clue about. This intriguing tale introduces us to a clan associated with the Ibo tribe of South-Eastern Nigeria. In this world, the tribe clings to long held cultural beliefs in order to appease strict and unforgiving gods. (An example of this occurs early in the story when a character is admonished to never cry. Doing so could infuriate the gods and put his life at risk.) The unaware Western reader will be taken aback when reading that twins are considered an evil abomination who must be destroyed, and that adulterers meet a grim demise by hanging. These are absorbing sequences, as are the little things, such as detailed moments from daily life in the tribe.

Another riveting set of scenes are when the clan of Ibo goes to war with another tribe. Later in the story, tribal life is disrupted by the appearance of the People of Another Body, white European missionaries who have arrived to convert the people to Christianity. This is a particularly engrossing passage, a clash of cultures, in which the norms of the tribe will be powerfully challenged.

The author, Chukwu John David, is a marvel. He is just 19 years old, but writes with the self-assured confidence of a scribe twice his age.

The world is blessed to have such a gifted talent in our midst. One eagerly looks forward to his future stories.

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