Friday, 28 October 2016

Riyality Photography Self Confidence Shoot With Adanna

Riya Ukata of Riyality Photography, (read about her here couldn't get enough of the confidence Adanna radiates on her IG handle @danny_cutty. Riya had to initiate this photo shoot 'Self Confidence' to say her piece on the need for self confidence and why we shouldn't stigmatize albinos.

According to Riya, 'There have been several cases of albinos facing stigmatization from peers, at school, in the neighborhood, among friends and in some cases their families. So many ideas behind albinism that has made them look like they aren’t normal or should not be treated as others are. Growing up, I personally saw albinos as weird though I had an albino friend, “Sandra” who I was quite uncomfortable with probably because I was young and naive and also for the fact that, she acted very differently and looked very different from the everyday people I saw. Which shouldn’t be so. Albinos are humans like us despite their looks and should not be treated any different. You never know the pain and hurt they go through trying to fit into a society that neglects them or refuse to give them the love, affection and attention they need.'  

To do this shoot Riya partnered with Nkem of Luiclothing who provided the outfits and Ginika Offiah of Evana Makeovers for the make up. 

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