Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Up and Coming : Charles Baker

Charles Baker is a dancer and a choreographer who has been getting much attention for doing what he knows how to do best. Recently, he was nominated for Best Dancer of the year in Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Awards which is set to hold on December 4, 2015. I am sure you know he needs your vote. He is also the brain behind an event planning organisation, Ace Gang Entertainment. Ace Gang Entertainment is set to host Shade of Sins on Friday, December 11, 2015.  In this exclusive interview with Charles Baker, you would get to know everything about him, Ace Gang Entertainment and the dope party, Shade of Sin. Have fun.

What is Ace Gang Entertainment about? : Ace Gang Entertainment  is an event planning organisation that promotes upcoming artists, we majorly manage and do events. Ace Gang Entertainment  is something I came up with a very long time ago, but I didn't really have funds to carry it out. The idea is to bring a group of people with different ideas to achieve a set goal. Finally, it's working for me, I have a team of dancers, rappers, artists, models, we work together, plan events, grace events, perform at events. Generally, it's all an event, event, event.   

What inspires your dance? : Dance inspiration? Really, this is a very hard one. What inspires my dance right now? Seriously, some people are born to dance, some people learn how to dance. I just started dancing. Dance inspires me.   

How long have you been dancing? : I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. Yeah, I think since I was ten, dancing in church, school, doing drama, aside dancing I rap, it's a new found revelation. I was actually on the muzikplus.com.ng cypher released recently.   

What have you done to improve your dance? : Uhmm, I watch videos, rehearse on my own, I had a dance team at a point. I attended a dance school in Lagos, I go for dance competitions, I meet new dancers cos it really helps. Team Quba Dance Academy in Lagos really helped.   

What is the biggest dance competition you have attended? : Can I recall? My biggest stage is StarTrek stage. Right now, I think that's it.   

You mentioned learning from dance videos, whose dance videos do you watch? : Tight Eyes, Chris Brown, Usher Raymond, Marquesa Scott, Cyrus Glitche.   

One would expect you mention Kaffy, Michael Jackson and other more familiar names : I have an awkward style of dancing. I do 'Bone Break', 'Contemporary ',' Krump' and 'Dub step'.   

What is Shade of Sins about? : It's a party, an unveiling party for Ace Gang Entertainment and it's like a welcome back party for UNIZIK students. We would also launch muzikplus.com.ng. Shade of Sins (SOS)  is intended to hold like once every year. The show is aimed at promoting the youths social life. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Once in a while, we should be allowed to go party and lose our head.   

Why the title Shade of Sins? : It's catchy. Shade of Sins? It's catchy, we are all sinners. It just came out, there's not really any strong hold behind the name, I just needed something catchy, something that would get my crowd. Students like nasty, they like crazy crazy. SOS depicted all the crazy that I needed. It's a naughty party. Everyone has their definition of naughty. Come and share your definition of naughty.   

How about your nomination for Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Awards? : I didn't even know that I was nominated as AEYCA dancer of the year until I got a call. As far as I could remember, it's voting, voting, voting. There are really top dancers in my category. My fingers are just crossed, anyway.   

What are your future plans? : The plan is to get higher than you are right now. I will improve everyday. I plan to dance on bigger stages. I intend professionall. Ace Gang Entertainment  is something I want to run full time, full time entertainment. Shade of Sin will be an every year event that will run yearly with different teams.   

No plans to do music videos? : I already started working on that. I will do my first video by January.  

Which dancers would you want to work with? : I would nwant to work with Kaffy, Dflex, Brainy dance. I have been working with slim shady.

You can reach Charles Baker on :
Mobile : +2348168669798
BBM : 288BB78E
Instagram : Bvkerr
Twitter :  Bvkerr
Facebook : Charles Baker
Email : Charlesbaker410@gmail.com

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