Thursday, 24 December 2015

My 2015 story...

2015 has come and is going, to give way to 2016. Christmas is here again, a lot of gifting and rejoicing happening. Pens coming down to write resolutions and plans for the new year, reflections over how 2015 went keeping lot of us busy. Holiday and lot of travelling and tickets booking. Human suddenly turning busier than the bee. And after a week, we are back to our normal life and bustle and hustle.   

The story of 2015 would be hanging on our lips. In 2015 did I do this and not do that. In 2015 should I have done this and shouldn't have done that. Regrets would be in the air, hopes also, the desire to keep on keeping on, decisions to let go on life entirely. We all have our stories and our tales to tell about 2015.   

Our stories aren't so different from that of our neighbours, only that we didn't pay attention that we all are acting the same life script. Striving to make ends meet, striving to pen our names on the sands of time, living our lifes for our loved ones. Same old journey made on recent routes.   

The challenges are about the same, the successes. The usual ups and downs of life. The no failures, no success rules still apply. The would never be satisfied expectations. The once in a lifetime experiences. The been there done that and the never been there, won't do that speeches. 

What exactly is your tale? What story do you have? You think it should be shared? You would will others read about it? Would you will to read others stories of 2015?   

I have 2015 stories of young Nigerian youths to share with you. There are stories of our dream chasers. Just be here everyday till the new year comes to learn about what life offered to these ambitious young persons for 2015 and how they grabbed at several opportunities.   

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