Thursday, 10 December 2015

So, I left God

I no longer go to church. It sounds ironic considering that I have won many souls to God. Two of them are Pastors now and one a Pastor's husband. I was a good Christian girl while I was growing up, but then, God was good. That was before he allowed the sun smite my parents by the day in a motor accident. Before he allowed the plague of the Egyptian befall me, by allowing my older brother die three months after our parents death. In the heat of my parents burial arrangements.  

That was when I found out that Nollywood movies story lines are plausible. My kind uncles and aunts only made sure my parents and older brother got befitting burials. They siphoned the money realised from the burial, claiming it wasn't enough to balance what they spent for the burial. Two weeks after, I and  my three younger siblings were thrown out from our parents building. It felt like a movie.  

What could a nineteen year old 300 level student do to carter for a 17 year old year one student and two secondary school students. We cramped in my small room in school. Our dreams had to be achieved, we needed to eat and survive. I was the possible source of income. I  sold sex for us to survive, eat and still go to school. Being in church started to feel guilty, I couldn't serve God and Mormon, so I  left God.  

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