Sunday, 27 December 2015

My 2015 story : Prince John Onyeme (Face of Delta Pageant)

Prince John Onyeme is the Face of Delta Pageant. His journey into modelling started this year and he has recorded successes ever since. His 2015 story is quite short and inspiring. How best could the story of counting one's blessings be told other than the way Prince told his story. There's a learning for you in this story, enjoy. Meanwhile, if you want to share your own 2015 story, write and send to

Like every other cross over night, mum wanted us to break the "happy new year" news in church despite the bombings in the north where we reside. In no time everyone was shouting and rejoicing for the cross over, but not me. I just wore a fake smile. I was grateful for another new year and for life but the uncertainty of the future weighed me down. I am in my twenties and I'm not getting any younger and I have a whole pile of things to do, legacy to create, hearts to touch, with no idea of how to do so. I was born on the 6th of January, so seeing the new year was not an opportunity to start over but a reminder that I've gotten older and that I'm yet to accomplish as much as I desired to.
As the year went by, I decided to just go with the flow instead of just anticipating what may or may not happen. I love to sing, I love God, I love science and I love fashion. So, I decided to just live my life in the most humble way possible and appreciate any opportunity I get along the way. Being the only male child of my mum, I am surrounded by my siblings who love me. That doesn't mean that I get the "special treatment". As I started appreciating and counting my blessings, starting from the people around me, I got more hopeful for the year. And hope was all that was needed to rekindle a quenched fire. So, for the first time I started modelling and became the 2nd runner up of the Mr. SUG pageant in Delta State University, Abraka. Then, in my second pageant this very same year, I won the Face of Delta Pageant. I am truly grateful for this year but I am more hopeful for 2016... more stable power supply, less orphans on the street, more job oppotunities, more affordable and accessible health care services. I am hopeful for a better Nigeria 2016.

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  1., I'm proud of u...keep the good going God will see u through