Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Up and Coming : El General

El General whose real name is Sabastian Etim is a hip-hop and RnB singer who started his career in 2012. After a three years break, he's back with the release of his 'Sky is low' and 'Celebrate'. You get the links to download after the interview. El General is from Akwaibom state and is presently a final year student of mass communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. In this exclusive interview, El General who picked his name from an online Egyptian friend revealed how he prepares himself before going to record his songs. And you would be surprised to know that he would have been a footballer were he not doing music. Have a nice read through.

When did you decide to do music? : I have always wanted to do music anyway. Let's say I started practicing since 2011, but my first official studio recording was 2012. That was immediately after I gained admission. I did a hip-hop song.

How was the reception of your first song? : For a start, it was something I did just for my peers, to tell them that I can sing. It was accepted, in the sense that I didn't really promote it. It was just for my friends, but, some how, it went far.

What inspires your music? : I would say... it may sound funny, sometimes, when ever, I'm in situations that I feel like expressing myself, I feel like singing. Most times, what actually inspires my music is my having a problem I wish to tackle. So, I either get inspired by the problem or get inspired by the solutions I have for the problem.

Why did you decide to do your kind of music? : Most times, artistes are defined by their exposures. I am actually exposed to foreign music more and so is my love for foreign music and rappers. I'm more exposed to hip-hop. My opting for hip-hop and RnB is because I love the genre and I think I can fit into the genre. I love communicating with people and the genres are the ones with which I can communicate to people best.

What other artistes do you listen to and why? : I'm basically influenced by one person, though I don't want to be in anyone's shoe actually. I listen to the likes of 2Chains, The Game and Kenderick Lamar.

What kind of brand do you want to build as a music artiste? : I would want to build a brand that would help sell hip-hop, allowing them say exactly what they want to say, not necessarily using vulgar words though. I want to build a brand that can chip in hip-hop in everything I do, even in gospel. I want to build a brand that gives vibe to music.

What do you do before going to the studio to record your songs? : First of all, I get inspired. Most times, I write music at night, at quiet time. Sometimes, I find out that I'm in a situation, I pick out what I'm troubled with and try to make music of it. It could be heartbreak or anything. So, basically, I'm inspired first, I sit to write, listen to lyrics from other rappers, I pick up my words and put them together.

How do you define good music? : Good music is any music that is widely accepted. Music that passes message. Music that can actually reform, but, most importantly, music that passes message to the audience. Music that the audience can relate to.

What challenges do you have so far? : Let's say that part you are writing, folding papers and throwing, starting over again to get another lyrics. Going to the studio and seeing people with dope lines. You are voicing in the studio and the producer tells you to go home and rehearse more. Those things can kill someone's morale. You can feel intimidated and all.
What do you do to improve your art? : Basically, no matter what ever you do, put God first. I pray, I practice, I do more of free styling.

Do you have plans to leave music and go into the media being that you study mass communication? : I may not leave music, but it wouldn't be bad combining music and presenting. Look at Ehis, even though he doesn't sing, he features in music videos and still presents. Even VJ Adams, he sings as well.

If not music, what else? : If not music, I would be a footballer.

Your last words to other upcoming artistes? : Consistency. And I believe every upcoming artistes should be consistent and believe in themselves. There are some very good people who don't get anywhere because they don't believe in themselves. Believe in yourself, do something, even if just once, you never can tell.

You can download El General' Sky is low at http://www.datafilehost.com/d/2a5aeae1 and Celebrate at http://www.datafilehost.com/d/711d6e66

Reach El General on Facebook as Sabastian El General

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