Saturday, 5 December 2015

Strong Weakness : The boy girl story

Here is yet another effeminate story. This is the story of a 17 year old. He was compelled to write his own story after reading my own story from another blog. He is not cool about giving his name anyway, but the story is one that you should read. Remember to always drop your comments and get across to me if you have your own story to share.

The boy girl story. After thinking of where to start from, I had to start from some where. Growing up was fun. I lived in a house full of relatives, aunties especially. I had to wear their clothes, shoes, necklaces and they even got to make me up sometimes for the fun of it. It was all fun till I got into secondary school and things changed. I got into secondary school and I was no longer the happy boy I used to be. Till this day, when I remember those years I feel so bad and end up crying.   

Which do I mention? Was it when I almost got raped by a senior when I was in J.S.S 1 or when my mates would come up to me and call me homo. Or the fact that I was always alone. It was not always nice whenever I knew holidays were coming to an end and that I needed to go back to school. I always thought of the humiliation. I got to J.S.S 3 and eventually made friends with two other effeminate guys. And we had to go through all the wickedness of the world as we would call it, together. Our friendship grew and it was like nothing could tear us apart.   

I got into senior secondary school and it became worse because there were lots of seniors who needed 'weaker' guys to satisfy their sexual urges and I almost always was a victim. There was no one to talk to apart from my friends who also had their own issues to  face. So, I had to cry my own cry. It affected my academic performance badly. I wished that the earth could come to an end or that I  could just die. Most times I prayed for my own death because the pain was too much.   

When I got into S.S.S 3, I met other effeminates that had gone through what I was going through and I was more than delighted to have them as friends, as they punished any one that made me feel bad. They really saved my life. It was like Jesus finally came because I started improving in all aspects of my life.   

Finishing secondary school was the best thing that happened to me. I needn't come in contact with anyone. All I did was to walk my own walk and cry my own cry. But that was not all.   

In church, I was perceived as retarded because of my introvercy and quietness. I needed to prove that I was just as normal as every other guy. I joined the choir. I knew that I fit in right there. Singing is like life to me, so singing in church was no problem. The problem came when I  had to sing in front of everybody. It was like keeping my hands in fire. I had to start avoiding church when I noticed that almost every one talked about how I talk, walk, sing or dress. It just had to be me, it wasn't funny.   

How would I have gone through all these if not for my belief in God? And if not for my family who would do any thing and every thing to make me comfortable. Here I have written my own story for other effeminte guys to read and to know that being effeminate is not the end of the world. Go, see and conquer because God wants you to succeed. Be strong because you would smile one day. Thanks for reading. I love you all. 


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