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My 2015 story : Jennifer Ezeonyeasi

Eaglestrendy24 Blog has been a trending blog in recent times even though it's new. The owner of the blog Jennifer Amaka Ezeonyeasi (Jenniejasco) is a final year student of mass communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She hails from Umuezenneji, Urualla in Ideato Local Government Area of Imo state, Nigeria. Her story actually reminded me of the popular saying, 'tempus fugit...' considering that I still remember giving her my condolences after her father's death. She's a strong girl and passion personified. In her story, she mentioned HotChocolate tv which I encourage you to anticipate. Don't forget to mail your own 2015 story to Have fun...

2015 has been a great year I must say. A lot of bitter and sweet memories. The year didn't start off on a very great note for me. As a matter of fact it started off very bad  as I'd lost my DAD from an illness on January, 31 2015. Yeah! What a way to start the year, right? It wasn't easy anyway, but we're still getting through it. I never had specific goals for 2015, especially, for my career but within the year, things just came up.   

I'm someone who's very passionate about the media, specifically, entertainment and photography, so after my dad's burial in March, I started looking for ways to penetrate the media industry. I mean, I felt I had to start something no matter how small before I graduate. And then, the blogging idea came up. I was quite discouraged at first for a number of reasons of which the major was because I always thought that to own a blog I needed to pay a website designer to design one for me but thanks to my cousin, Terry who told me that I could get a blog for free on blogger.
On 1st April, 2015, I officially launched the blog,, strictly an entertainment, lifestyle and fashion blog and the hustle began from there. It's not been easy getting news and having the time to post them, considering that I am also a student, but, I'm doing my best. And with the likes of Linda Ikeji and co one could easily get discouraged as a blogger and always feel that people would never leave Linda's blog to come read yours.  Lol, but 'mehnnn' I didn't care, I kept doing my thing and I'm still doing my thing and my views keep increasing on a daily basis. besides mine is strictly entertainment gists so I could share readers with my aunty Linda and Victor Ugoo Njoku I thought'. *winks* I'm not gonna be a full time blogger anyway, it's just a step for me which will soon pay off. *smiles* This same year in the process of blogging I conceived another idea which I hope to pursue unfailingly in 2016. I'd be vlogging next year, so you guys just watch out for HotChocolate tv on YouTube it's gonna be very unique in its own way.
So far, I'd say in 2015 there was the good, bad and ugly, but in all God was really faithful. 2016 is gonna be better, trust me, so I'd say to anyone reading this post, just start something, no matter how small or insignificant it may look at first, don't make excuses at all, time waits for no one. Don't let people talk you down, do something you're passionate about, dare to be different too. I mean, lots of people were like, 'you are almost graduating, just wait till you graduate before you do all these thing'. But, I thought to myself that laying a foundation first wouldn't harm, right? It's something I am passionate about too so I can't get tired or easily discouraged, I have a target and I'm gonna hit it eventually. Merry Xmas and a very Happy New 2016 to you all.
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