Thursday, 3 December 2015

Seven years after...

I know nothing much about him, but I know that the memories of him makes my mother cry. I think I know that he was the man who I asked what he would buy me each of the days he dropped me off to school before going to work. I know that we had to leave our big fine house for a smaller ugly house. The first time I had a mosquito bite experience. There was no gate man anymore, no regular light supply and we started using candles stucked to a used tin of tomatoes. I changed from Brighton International Nursery and Primary School to Udodi Primary School. I started sleeping on a mat and tea for breakfast became a once in a while affair. The once in a while being when I was sick. It was terrible for my elder siblings who started hawking to support mummy. 'Things are now tough', my mother would say any of the days she had big bills to pay that she couldn't or when I or any of my siblings asked for things she can't afford. She would cry and recount the story of that fateful day. The day we woke and saw no daddy, all his clothes were gone, he only left a note and some money. My mother was a house wife then and I was five years old and in primary one. Seven years after, we are still finding things tough and I now hawk things like my elder siblings.

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