Thursday, 31 December 2015

My 2015 story : Oluwaseun Temitope Emmanuel

Oluwaseun Temitope Emmanuel is a final year student of Elect/Elect Engineering at the Federal University Of Petroleum Resources. He decided to share his own 2015 story after reading the 2015 story of others. His story is a story of a dream in progress. In his words ''quitting now won't hasten the whole process" and "rushing things either doesn't guarantee maximum success". I'm sure you would enjoy this piece. By the way, Temitope has been a friend for some years now, a friendship that started from 2go. lol. And I can vouch for his being ambitious and hardworking. Read this short piece, you are sure to enjoy it.
For me, the year 2015 started with a lot of dreams and ambitions. I can remember vividly at 12:01am when the shouts and jubilations of “happy new year” was everywhere, I felt that feeling of a success time bomb running through my veins. I was so optimistic that within the next 364 days that I would do something great. I was so ambitious, head bent on starting my own company, an online company; a social media network, "first of its kind" as I will tag it. 

As at the time of writing this, by 20:49pm on 28 December, 2015, I'm sure you probably might be wondering already if this my big dream was actually accomplished or if it was just another “initial gragra”. Well you could be right to think either way,  cause, now, I’m somewhere stuck between both. I mean I was able to start something but somewhere along the line things happened, factors to make me quit on the whole big dream came up. Things didn’t go as planned, challenges of all sorts were faced. The process of achieving my 2015 big dream has really been a slow one and definitely has not been smooth sailing. But, I can say this, "quitting now won’t hasten the whole process" and “rushing things either doesn’t guarantee maximum success”. One thing for sure, I started something which certainly I’m going to finish and the whole world will see and appreciate what I’ve done, so at the end the whole sacrifice and efforts will be worth it all. "Good things don’t come by easily". "Putting God first every other thing will follow". With this, I know I’ve not failed myself.

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