Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My 2015 story : Daerego Ekine

His name comes to mind whenever one is looking for a model in the Garden City. He has made his marks as a model and a model coach. He calls himself an aspiring designer and hopefully, his label would be launched officially by next year (say I didn't say that). lol. Daerego Ekine is a graduate of marketing from the University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu, Rivers State, Nigeria. He's a freelance marketer. Most times, our smiles hide our ordeal and that is the story of this young man for 2015. Don't forget you can share your story also, just write and send to victorugoonjoku@gmail.com. Read...

The night of 31, December 2014 was a night filled with so much prayer requests and expectations of many kinds for many aspects of my life  and for many people.

The 1st week of January 2015, I remember I had decided to make my new rules, cut down a lot of habits, make new sets of friends, live another kind of life, not living God behind. So that he would give blessings, favours, and all. As time went on, little or nothing was coming in, monetary wise, connections and dreams not working, subtle set back and family crisis.
I wondered if it was a test. I just recovered fully from a health challenge (PEPTIC ULCER) which almost would have ended my family with getting sympathy and pity. I am a very religious young man, aside that, I had plans to give my all and deep dedications to God, hahaahhahaha! God is wise, you can't out wise him, especially if you feel you can do things by yourself. As usual, we went on till the normal 21 days fasting in my church. OMG! God must answer my prayers, I did participate. 
After my church had her usual enigmatic and historical programme which takes 5 days of God's powerful reign on health challenges, deliverances, breakthrough, upliftments, I was expectant. I had participated in the programme, doing my ushering duty with all dedications. I had prayer points and I was expecting a testimony. I am a graduate of almost 5 years, an orphan, who seeks the face of God, and gets help by chance. It used to be very rosy, I had so much to give out, especially clothes, shoes, toiletries. I had boys, who I distributed stuff to. I am a model and a model instructor, every young designers who comes into the industry in Port Harcourt City would always want to use my face cos it doesn't only sell fast, it helps announce a fashion brand fast.
Now you are wondering about what I can do. Well, I'm well informed and experienced in both the corporate and craft worlds. I ran interviews and trainings to add to my resume. But, where is the capital and opportunity?  In a state like Rivers State where everything is 'politicised', even as minimal as the opportunity to be employed may be. Unless, of course God's grace and chance do people get certain opportunities if they do not have god-fathers.
I am not supposed to say scarcity, (you know church things), lols. Well, I hadn't a lot for almost 6 months. I was unable to shop for a pair of jeans, shirt. The only thing I was just able to get easily was toiletries, perfumes and body sprays. Till October, just when I thought this year is almost ended, and things would start falling into places, 'kai! Na there wahala burst'. There was not just scaarcity of money, or scarcity of chaw. My fiance broke up with me, some persons in my street cooking up rumours about me, rumours that made my family hold meetings for my sake. 'O boy!' This went on till November.   

I didn't stop seeing the light, I stopped going to church. I became angry not just with myself, but with God. Psychological trauma, I didn't care about life, bad habits started to build. I started telling my pastor friends that God has his favourites. My friends were shocked to see me talk that way. I disliked my sister for fighting me for my stopping to serve in church. I defended myself by reminding her of the days I served God and how nothing happened.
On my own, I'd lock myself up and cry to God asking him how he wants me to end up. I angrily talk to him, ask him questions. Out of frustration, I wanted to practice another religion. I was broken by love, and strengthened by love too. But all in all, recently, unexpectedly, I received a call and had a phone interview, and went on to have an oral interview. I started out to make my ways straight with God. I'm not perfect, but I am positive. It's all gonna end well. #hoping #pensive #trusting 

Let me use this medium to say that,no matter what happens, the only way back to happiness is through God, yourself, and yourself too. Cos, once I depend on someone, if I go wrong or wanna make my decisions myself, I would be quick to be reminded several times about my source of 'semi-survival'. And guess what, God is helping me, I'm still gonna work on my projects, bring my dreams alive again. God willing.

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