Saturday, 26 December 2015

My 2015 story : Angel Opoku, CEO Black Belle Events

Whoever said that good things come in small packages would rephrase that to 'great things are small packages' were he to meet Angel Opoku the CEO of Black Belle Events. I'm sorry I can't share you pictures cos I wasn't permitted to do so. Lol. Black belle Events offers all round event planning services. Ms. Opoku combines running Black Belle Events with graphics designing and schooling. She received the offer to share her 2015 story with gladness and in response offers the story of an 'ambitious girl who hopes on God to breath on her hard work'. I'm sure you would want to meet her after reading this. Feel free to forward your own 2015 story to and it would be shared over here. Read through... 

There is not much to say, it’s not a typical story with a happy ending or at least a conclusive one. It's my story, the story of an events planner cum graphic designer. 
My dad died when I was 13 and my mom has been the one taking care of us ever since.  So, I grew up with an independent spirit, always wanting to work hard for myself. That for me is possible, my mom proves that every day.   In my bid to get something to do, I learnt how to use CorelDraw and Visual Basic.Net. The latter is for designing soft wares. At the time I didn’t have a laptop but I had a desktop, almost immediately I got admission into the university and of course couldn’t carry the desktop to school. It practically killed me as I could not practice nor improve. Sometime this year, I bought a laptop. So, I got back to CorelDraw, it was a bit rusty but I got back. I wasn't satisfied, so I started taking tutorials on Photoshop and now I can say; I am a whole lot better, not my best still, but everyday I strive to get better. At least, it pays some bills.

Events planning started during my last holiday as a means to solve people’s events need which is usually to have a flawless event with little or no stress. I had not planned for a company initially, but I began to run one as more people gave advice, more publicity was done and more contracts gotten.
It has been a challenging year, working hard to be the best and going to school, the result has been lots of stress, less sleep and less food. It has also been hard to not combine my personal life with work. I’ve wanted to keep them apart but it becomes harder by the day with people having huge expectations from me because they feel I run a company or friends thinking I have lots of money when I don’t have any because my company is just starting and is at  an investing time not a spending time. It's not been a particularly fruitful year, a lot didn’t work according to plan.
And as I write this story today, I'm not writing a success story yet, I'm not writing the story of one who has tried seven times and has finally made it big through success and determination. But it’s not a story of failure either, it’s not a story of one who has given up, rather it’s the story of one who wants more from life, the story of a young ambitious girl who hopes on God to breath on her hard work. I'm not there today, I don’t have it yet but there is tomorrow and what it will bring I can’t wait to see.

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