Saturday, 8 August 2015

Strong Girl

Women are perceived to be the weaker sex while men are seen as strong. You call a woman, a man, she feels proud as she assumes you see her as being better than the average woman. You call a man, woman, he cries literally, feeling so down cast as he assumes you conceive him to be weak something he wouldn’t want to be. This explains why masculine girls don’t seem to have it all bad as feminine guys (effeminates). Whereas girls’ masculinity is seen as abnormal, it is regarded as being better than effeminacy which is also seen as abnormal.

The effeminates story is a story of hatred and little or no love, a story of pain, a story of having no friends, a story of wanting to be who you are not, a story of a struggle to fit in, a story of rejection, a story of fights and bullies, a story of survival, a story of stigmatization and descrimination, a story of feelings of abnormality and inferiority, a story of weakness and of strength as a whole lot of fighting and struggling and attempt to survive is involved.

This is a story of weakness and strength particularly, because being effeminate is being seen as weak. Strength because being effeminate involves a whole lot of fighting to win, to be, to be respected, to be accepted and to be who you are and who you should be. The option is only to win, but many never get a chance to strike a blow at any of the enemies warring against them. Many a life and dreams has been lost to this fight and many more quickly getting lost and these lifes can only be saved when the effeminates story is paid enough attention.

I do not wish to argue the ‘maleness’ of effeminates or their weaknesses, but their strengths and their stories I must celebrate. This we would do every Saturday in the strong girl feature. There are strong girls because effeminates are strong and because everyone calls them (girl) weak.

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