Saturday, 8 August 2015


Success is defined in several ways by many people, likewise happiness. To some people, success is making others happy and this brings happiness to them. To this set of people, making others happy involve reaching out to people and helping them solve as much of their problems as possible.

Success to others involves acquiring fame and wealth, and this defines happiness for them. In their happiness, they celebrate and shout to the whole world their victories and new acquisitions. This category of people is usually celebrated, they become role models to many who worship and revere them. They define success and everyone wishes to be them, after all every one wishes for success.

The other category, however, remains unsung and uncelebrated, not because they are not successful and happy. But many do not get to hear their success stories as the stories are not shouted and screamed on every street corner. This people get celebrated by only a few whose lifes they have touched directly or indirectly.

In ‘Unsung’, we would celebrate the success of this category that defines success by laying down their lifes for the lifes of others.  We will celebrate their stories, stories of all those unsung people who are involved in various forms of humanitarian services, selfless services, some forms of empowerment at all levels; local, regional, national and international levels. We share their stories and tell the tales of their unsung victories.

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