Thursday, 27 August 2015

God knows nothing?

“God knows nothing and he knows it. Though, he makes us think he knows it all so as to have us in his grips. The knowledge of how much little God knows sets us free. If God knew everything as we always think, at least he wouldn’t have made mistakes. Yeah, God makes mistakes because as human, God knows not everything.” 

This paragraph I shockingly read from an article I found written by my late agnostic father. It was the first paragraph of the article which I can't give its' title. The article was hand written by my father and was signed by him before he wrote, '10 August 1980' which I assumed to be the date the article was written.

The article which I supposed my father intended to be unpublished illustrated in details how much of nothing God knows. The article before going into details, first of all pointed out five of God’s mistakes which according to the article includes:
  • God should have known better than place Adam and Eve in a garden that had the ‘supposed’ tree of knowledge of good and evil.
  • God knows not what he wants.
  • Jesus Christ wasn’t enough and how dare him attempt to fool man to believe he sent his only son to be sacrificed to him to wash the sins of man, even when he determines what sin is.
  • God has no plans to reach the whole world and only human’s wisdom has helped him in that regards thus far.
  • God created man in his own image.

I won’t promise that I can give more information about this article that I yearn to have further explanations to. But, I regret to have seen this article as I can’t control the headache thinking over the contents of this article has caused me. My mother's reactions when I questioned about the contents of this article wasn't helpful in any way. I wish to burn this article up, but I respect my father well enough not to. It is all the more confusing because before my father’s death he would always say, ‘Leave God for God as God is too complicated for human to allow himself get bothered by.’

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