Monday, 10 August 2015

Seem missing: Stereoman (Sample Ekwe)

Everyone of us surely knows Jesus as much as we knew Stereoman. Stereoman popularly called 'Sample Ekwe' enjoyed 'blissfully', a few seconds of stardom before zooming to oblivion leaving his fans asking questions about his where about. He promised to release a hip hop and RnB album last year. But, evidently the album was for his family and friends only as it made no waves.

Stereoman who was jailed in 2013 for allegedly strangling his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Rekia Idris to my dismay and that of his fans sounded helpless as regards the custodian of his baby whom he claimed loving to bits and pieces.

The reggae musician whose real name is Sunday Osakuni was born and brought up in Delta State, Nigeria. He attended four primary schools, four secondary schools and perhaps, in his dreams, four universities. #Lol.

His music career began at an early age of 17. He started out as a cultural dancer, before moving into singing traditional songs. Later, he ventured into singing raggae and then hip hop and African dance hall. He claims to be a fashion designer and a tailor, though it beats me how he is almost always topless. Maybe, his designs are better worn in his sleeps. *eyes rolling*

His career according to him was met by opposition from his parents who became cool with the music career when the cash started flowing. In his views, his parents were scared that he would start taking marijuana and living a reckless life, which they presumed was usual for musicians. Hence, they opposed his music career. However, many may still be expecting to hear from Stereoman.

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