Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fear God...

They say he is omnipotent and omniscient, then I wonder how he does it. Being every where and seeing all he see, the bad especially, those deeds done in the hidden, and know it all, all the secrets shared in the most secret of places. Yet he hadn’t gone nuts, crackers or at least burst out or lose his cool.

He keeps them all, real inside pretending as though he knows nothing. Generations upon generations go by, centuries and millennium, yet he hasn’t lost his brain and he is still God. Fear him, because that which I have recently known has ruined and wrecked me. I can’t keep it in, I think of it day and night. This new knowledge gets me crazy. I now talk to myself, I can’t contain the knowledge. Just one knowledge, but the man God knows it all…Fear him.
Would anyone know this that I know and contain it if the one weren’t God? No!!! I can’t stop this knowledge from killing me and taking me captive. I can’t stop myself from spilling it, from confiding in someone this that I recently know.

Fear God who sees people kill others and say nothing. God who sees people cheat on their spouses and keep quiet. Fear God who knows that my immediate younger sister is my uncle’s daughter and keep quiet, saying nothing until I found out. Don’t ask me how, just fear God.

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