Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Up and Coming: Prince Neche

One wouldn't be in the South East of Nigeria, and not be familiar with the name, Prince Neche. The up coming comedian was first runner up in AY maltina open mic 2014. It may also interest you to know that this young man is versatile as he combines comedy with acting, singing and event planning and packaging. Humility is one virtue that rocks for this young man. He is good at what he does that some of his colleagues can't help but think that he 'jazzes' up his audience. Enjoy this exclusive interview with him.


About yourself: Alright my name is Prince Chinecherem Ukpai, popularly called Prince Neche, I'm from Ohafia in Abia state, from a family of four (all boys) and I'm the first. I am 22 yrs old.

When did you start comedy?: (laughs) I really can't say, I have always been a very funny fellow. I remember cracking jokes in church in 2008, but, I professionally performed on a stage in 2011.
What prompted your going into comedy professionally?: The joy I get from being the reason why people are happy and then the money involved.

Talking about making people, how do you define happiness?: For me it's an expression of joy.
From your own experiences, how lucrative is comedy?: Very lucrative, if you know what your are doing.

What is your definition of good comedy?: Clean funny jokes, laced with lessons.

Where do you gain inspirations from?: God, and everything and everybody around me.

Your role models?: Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, Eric Spears, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Griffin, Chris Rock. Mostly foreigners.Then in Nigeria, I have BasketMouth, Bovi and Akpororo.

Foreign comedians as your role models, don't you think you will have a problem reaching out to your Nigerian audience considering that you are influenced by foreigners basically?: No I don't, if you have seen me perform you will know I don't have that 'kinda' problem. Those foreign comedians open my sense of reasoning to places I wouldn't go normally.

What else do you do apart from comedy?: I'm into event planning and packaging, I'm into different levels of production. I act and I sing too.

How do you combine everything?: (laughs) my brother it is one step at a time.

What is your view about the Nigerian comedy industry?: It is a very competitive one. One has to always be at his best to make it.

Which comedian(s) would you want to work with?: Basket mouth, his creativity marvels me.

What are your plans for your comedy career?: By God's grace I'm working on a comedy campus tour that will cut across universities in the South East of Nigeria, that is the plan on my drawing board now. Other packages are coming up.

Your words to other brooding comedians?: Always work hard, be original and put God first, then your are bound to excel.

You can reach Prince Neche on,
Facebook: Prince Neche
Fan page:  Mc Prince Neche
Twitter:      @comedian_Prince
Instagram: @Prince_Neche
Phone:      07036390887, 08161144655


  1. Nice one fam!! Abia upcomers gona blow up someday!!! Shout out to THA BEAST...heard he's from abia too.....Y'all be rep ping the industry!!! Thumbs up

  2. Cyril...So only Abia upcomers should blow. Lolx. Thanks for your comment and do come back next time to hail Abia upcomers.