Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Up and Coming: Deborah Chinwendu Utonwa

Deborah Chinwendu Utonwa is such a wonder to behold. She is a promising young woman warming up to take the business world. At 18, she owns an ushering agency, 'Bella Spell Ushering Concept' and runs a kids fun club, 'Fun Factory Kids Club'. I was pleased she granted this exclusive interview which I promise you would enjoy. Have a nice read.

About herself: I am Deborah Chinwendu Utonwa. I'm from Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. I'm 18. I run a fun club for kids called, 'Fun Factory Kids Club' and an ushering agency, 'Bella Spell Ushering Concept' I am a law student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

What Fun Factory Kids Club is all about: It is a fun club for kids in Enugu. Our activities include, dance lessons, swimming, french and spanish tutorials, excursions, picnics, fun camp and art attack. The club activities hold every saturday from 10:00a.m to 4:00p.m.

Major events done with Fun Factory For Kids: A party we had last year at Awkuka beach in Enugu; Excursions to Ogbunike cave and Awhum waterfall.

Number of kids registered with fun factory: 42 kids between the ages of four and eleven.

Funds for the club: Each kid pays registeration fee and club dues. There is no external source of income.
How long the fun factory has existed: We started August 2014.

How the concept of fun factory came about: I have passion for kids, so I thought of creating a kid club, a good one.

Reasons for combining fun factory and running an ushering agency: I have a thing for events, and they are still under one umbrella, events.

How long the ushering agency has existed:May this year, 2015.

What Bella Spell Ushering concept is all about: Bella spell is an ushering concept with the aim of creating no disorganisation at events with young model with modern day strategy.

Greatest challenge so far: Funding the ushering concept.

Greatest achievement so far: I can't really say, but we have attended four huge events so far, two in Lagos, one with UNICEF Ambassador, it was a wedding anniversary and the last in Enugu, when the new Governor celebrated his election victory. We hope to usher an MTN event some time this year.

Inspirations: I think a lot, I'm always indoor, when I'm alone, I think and think and think, and then God.

Role model(s): Every strong willed person is a role model to me.

If not fun factory and an ushering agency: I would be running a clothing line.

Combining school and fun factory and Bella spell: I don't know, it just happens. I attend school say three times in a week and I still have time to read.

Family and friends support: Very supportive. Although, I run things by myself, when it comes to encouragement they are there.

Plans for the next five years: I intend starting a school for kids and expanding the ushering agency into an all round event management outfit.

Words for other brooding entrepreneurs: Just have a focused mind, even with set backs you can get there.

See pictures of fun factory kids.

You can reach fun factory and Bella spells on line at,

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