Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Up and Coming: Asikey

Asikey is the next big thing to hit the Nigerian music industry. She is usually referred to as a younger version of Asa by many who. Her songs has been making airwaves in several radio and television stations nationwide. The Rivers state origin Asikey who is signed to Pendulum records gladly granted this exclusive interview. I'm sure you would have a nice read through it. You can download her song at http://notjustok.com/2015/08/07/video-asikey-let-us-be/

About yourself: My name is Asikey Albright George and I'm from Rivers state. I am an upcoming musician signed to Pendulum records.

When did you start doing music?: I started writing and composing at 15 but, I recorded my first song in 2013.

Have you always wanted to do music?: I did not know I really wanted to do music until 2013 though it's always been my craft.

What prompted your going into music?: I don't know exactly what prompted me to take this seriously.

What is your definition of good music?: Good music is an objective term. You might not consider what I call good music, good music. Good music is whatever music is individually appealing to us. But I would say good music is music I'd want to listen to over and over again.

What is your view of the Nigerian music industry?: I still haven't fully understood the entire system but I'm learning fast. It is definitely a growing one which is good. It could turn out beautifully in a couple of decades maybe.

Why your kind of music?: My kind of music is simply a reflection of me or whatever I am made of. I really know too little about the "why".

What are your greatest challenge so far?: My greatest challenge would be keeping my eye on the final target and refilling my energy reserves spiritully, mentally and physically.

What are your greatest achievement so far?: My greatest achievement would be being able to boldly face my greatest challenge as I mentioned earlier, everyday I wake up.

What are your motivations?: I am motivated by my attitude of creating positives and also by people's faith in me.

Your role model(s): I don't really call her a role model but strangely, for years now, I have felt naturally connected to Taylor Swift. I take her extremely personal.

What else do you do or wish to do apart from music?: I would eventually like to own or co-own commercial ventures. I am not a business head but I am beginning to get seriously interested.

What are your plans for your music career?: My plans, I cannot spill out yet. Best not to talk about them if you ask me.

How do you feel when referred to as a younger version of Asa?: I feel honoured. 

Your words for other upcoming musicians: I wont talk to musicians alone but to everyone chasing something out there. I would say; if you want it, and you are convinced it's yours, then you will be your only obstacle.

You can reach Asikey on,
Twitter: @asikey_george
Instagram: @asikey_george
Facebook page :Asikey Official

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