Thursday, 20 August 2015


Then I noticed that my video sex call partner was still busy wanking as he moaned. I slammed the system hoping they didn't notice.

How could I resist him anymore after I have done that for three months. I can't wait to have him inside me. I loved him to bits and pieces and he was super cute. We met online and he was in the United States. He had asked for a video sex call which I obliged. I pulled up my laptop and skyping we began, forgetting where I was. 

I had gone to my sister's house. She had recently put to bed and would return from the hospital that day while my mother would come around for 'omugwu' the next day. It was just me in the house and my sister's cook who was busy making dinner.

It was crappy (the first time I would be having a video sex call) and fun really. I was reaching orgasm and was almost cuming when I noticed a hand on my chest running down my navel and then, down. Then, the being started sucking me. That was my sister's cook. A piece of man-candy that I had crushed on from the first time I set my eyes on him. I never knew he even noticed me. He was good licking, touching, fondling, sucking and rimming me to cloud nine. Such an ecstasy and a blissful cum.

Then it was his turn. I poured a glass of home made tomatoes juice on him, from his broad shoulder down to his manhood. I licked and sucked up all the juice and his body while he moaned gently. He placed his tomatoes juice covered dick in my mouth and I sucked away as if my life depended on it. I sucked him till he wanted to cum, then I pulled my mouth and stroke his dick gently until he shivered greatly and held me tight. He smilingly started pouring his cum on my face when the door flung open.

There was my mother, who was meant to come the next day and my sister and her husband who was carrying the new baby.

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