Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Trendy Johnson And How He's Been Trending

Trendy Onovughe Johnson is the brain behind the Trendy Johnson brand. A brand synonymous with quality designs for the both gender. The Public Administration graduate of University of Port Harcourt reveals the secrets to his making top notch designs. This journey began in 2011, and Trendy Johnson is leaving no stone unturned. You should join this train and get yourself one of his 'see-thru' designs and stand a chance of winning big this month. Meanwhile, find out what has kept Trendy Johnson trending...


Why decide to be a fashion designer and at what point in your life did you make the decision? : I've always wanted to be a fashion designer, but, officially decided in 2011 as a result of the uncontrollable zeal I had then. I couldn't think of anything else than fashion and designing.   

What about Fashion designing do you find the most interesting and why? : I think that should be the glamour, the fame and most importantly the fulfillment it gives me. 

If you weren't designing, what else would you have been doing and why? : If I wasn't designing I probably would be a Teacher or a Pastor. I've always wanted to be one.   

How do you come about the inspiration for your designs? : I draw inspirations from many sources.   

What is the idea behind the promo you are running with the 'see-thru' designs? : The idea behind the 'see-thru' promo is "Promo". I want the public to know that Trendy Johnson is still creative and he's always thinking of something new.

What is the worst thing you have heard about your designs and how did you react to it? : I can't really recall the worst. Once, in a while some clients do make complaints, which I do work on and make amends to make sure such incidence don't recall. But, I can't recall any that's worst.   

What steps do you take to ensure that you meet up with your clients' requirements? : Most times, I engage extra hands and employ the services of other professionals in this field. Because, I treat all clients as though they're my only clients.   

Is there designers block, just like there is writers block, if yes, how do you cope with it? : Well, before making any piece, you've to sketch it first. So, if I run out of idea, I'll have to go back to the sketch; and give it a second look and make some corrections where necessary.   

What challenges have you faced ever since you started your brand and how did you beat them? : Meeting up to customers' pressing demands is a big challenge and coming up with innovative and creative designs to meet customers' taste.   

What fears did you face before starting your brand and how did you handle those? : I feared not being taken seriously and I handled them by coming up with something new and that has made them take me seriously. So, I've overcome that.   

What plans do you have for your brand in three to five years time? : In the next five years by God's grace, I plan taking my brand globally, making it a recognized brand and a top brand in Nigeria fashion industry   

Your role model : Mai Atafo   

Your words to other budding designers and intending designers : My advice to other designers is "Keep doing what you're doing. Even if you're not recognized now, persevere and be consistent in whatever you're doing. Soon, the world will come to your aid. But, never give up".

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