Friday, 8 April 2016

DKL Designs' Boss, Lankz Kay releases new collection to celebrate his Birthday

DKL Designs new collection is themed 'Tameless' and it's about expressing yourself through very bold and edgy outfits. This bold collection comes with a lot of attitude and fierceness. The diversity in the collection is to showcase different elements and also to prove that you don't necessarily have to be put in a box. If you feel like doing casual you can slay and still be very edgy and fierce, you could also do the same with very official wears. 

On why I chose to release my collection on my birthday? Well, it's a celebration of life which is the combination of hard work, tolerance, perseverance and lots more, so I'm celebrating my life with my work. 

Big thanks to our customers for the unending support and patronage also to my lovely family, friends and well wishers. 

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Phone- 07010923028

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