Monday, 25 April 2016

How to succeed as a model in Nigeria

The notion that bloggers know it all became clear to me recently. I keep getting questions on different 'How tos'. I decided to not provide these answers to different people personally when I can as well provide the information to a whole lot of people and as well provide it to those who seek the answers from me. I would start with tips on how to succeed as a model in Nigeria considering that questions on how to model has been the most frequent. 

I encourage anyone who finds this information useful to drop a comment, share and as well seek further information. I never was a model, but I love modelling so much that I follow the profession since I was a child and I have couple of friends who are former models, models, fashion designers, fashion bloggers, photographers, make up artistes and these are the people who work with models closely.   

This model 'How to' would be in parts : this, providing tips on the different types of modelling and their requirements; then, different modelling agencies in Nigeria; and models revealing tips that keep them going and successful. Keep glued.   

A model is a seller of him or her self and basically the brand he or she represents. The model is a representative of various brands, and these brands can have increase in sales as a result of the representation from the models and this is why the profession's relevance is increasing. This resulting in a lot of people's interest in the profession. The modelling profession has various types each having their own specific requirements amongst the general requirements of the profession.   

The types include :   
Fashion : This set is referred to as fashion models and usually seen in magazines. This type work for big and top fashion designers. A tall height and good body structure that meets the requirements of the designers or magazine is needed.   

Runway : Otherwise called, catwalk models. The key requirement of course is good height and a nice body structure that meets the requirements of the designers. Designers have various personal requirements which could be influenced by the designs and the seasons. A slim physique is a plus and Heights up to 5'9 and 6'0 for female and male respectively is a bigger plus.   

Commercial : This type of modelling favours a lot of people as age, height, size is no barrier. This kind of models are usually on bill boards. The brands may be brands for the children, youths, male and female, old and plus sizes and even petite people.   

Pageants : This type of modelling is the rave in Nigeria and Africa currently. To be in a pageant, a lot of creativity is needed. Height, weight and body structure are part of the requirements for this kinda modelling, but each pageant have their own rules for determining winners.   

The other types of modelling isn't very popular in Nigeria. These types include : 
Glamour : This type is rare in Nigeria. They usually do very provocative shoots that are usually sexually suggestive. Think of Playboy magazines.   

Fitness : This type models for sport-clothing manufacturers. So having an athletic body could be a plus.   

Some other persons may group the modelling types differently. Having considered these types, we would check out the different qualities and tips that would guide a would be model through his or her modelling journey.   

Before one embarks on the journey, it's very important that the one takes time out to conduct research and have a good understanding of what the modelling profession is. Research would help the model wanna be know if he or she meets the requirements for the type of modelling he or she wants to go into. This also provides the aspiring models with information about the right modelling agency to work with and why choose a modelling agency over another. It would not be sensible for one who wants to go into runway modelling registering with an agency that is into commercial or fashion. It is worthy of note, that one can also succeed as a freelance model, if the one works with a manager who would represent the one well. Research helps the model improve in his or her skills, as well as know opportunities available that their management may have missed.   

A model should understand that they sell the brands they represent and should act accordingly. A model should understand the virtue of punctuality, many a model have had deals cancelled for lateness.   

A model's body and rapport skill is their best assets. Every aspiring model should learn to treat their skin, face and hair right. The photographers and make up artistes shouldn't be a model's hope for a spotless face. Using good and the right skin care products and hair products is all that is needed. Water and rest won't be neglected and then good food. Water helps keep the skin glowy and the benefits of adequate rest won't be neglected. Rapport is one way to keep climbing as a model. Though the model helps sell the brands they model for, the models need the brands to survive. You never can tell who the person sitting next to you is and which contract the person can land you.   

Be prepared and have your portfolio ready at all times. Modelling jobs can come at about any time. So being prepared is very important and your portfolio is one thing you should have handy to present. The portfolio should consist different kinds of shots and different poses at different locations. The portfolio should include shots of different parts of the body, you never can tell what the requirements would be.   

A model's attitude is everything. With the right attitude, you can land yourself a job that you would have otherwise lost cos of height or weight. Wear this attitude every time as it could be the deal catcher.   

Be sure you want to model, get ready for auditions and be determined. Be sure you really want to travel the stressful road of modelling with all the bumps. If you are really sure about this, get ready cos there are a lot of auditions and casting going on daily, each with their own unique requirements. Determination is something you don't leave behind. In Nigeria, as a model, an upcoming one, you would get a lot of nos, doors would be shot against you, you may have to do free jobs and you can only stake it out with a determined spirit.   

Be careful with the papers. Read and understand every contract before you sign them, starting from the management deals to deals with the brands. Don't come and go and kill yourself by yourself. A lot of deals may break your neck and you may sign them smiling, and you would only find out your mistakes when your neck gets sacrificed to Sango or Amadioha. So, be careful and understand the contract.   

Improve, there's always room for improvement. Keep improving and be at your best all day.   

I suppose the tips would be helpful and if so, come for the remaining tips that would help your modelling career. And don't forget to conduct further research, talk with people, models especially. Dalu...


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