Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Kenneth Chuks of Hypertex Photography on his Passion for Photography

Kenneth Chuks Ifeyinwa is the C.E.O of Hypertex Photography and Kennis City Magazine. He's currently a HND student of Civil Engineering at Federal Polytechnic Nekede. Kenneth is also into graphics designing, working as Chief Graphist at Colbon. Though in his early twenties, he is an employer of labour. He is a photographer you should look out for. His works speak for him and he has a lot of experiences to back it up. In this exclusive interview, we discussed his passion for Photography. I am sure you would enjoy it. Read on..  

What motivated your going into photography? : Working in a photo lab was my first entering the photo industry. And it has assisted me colossally in meeting and getting some well professionals who really prepared me for the challenges ahead. So they really taught me well about photography and I got interested in it and that was how I got perseverance in it.   

What about photography has sustained your interest in photography since you started? : In live I do believe that any thing you have passion for will always prosper, If it's not bringing you money, then you don't want to make money from it. Photography is like any other business, in that, there are many day-to-day functions for the business to succeed, I also include some business ideas and strategies to promote, and differentiate my business, so as to increase profits. Not that it brings a lot of money, but the love I have for it is tremendous.   

What challenges did you encounter when you started and how did you beat them? : First was how to get the complete equipment, but my capital then wasn't enough. So, I decided to at least start from somewhere. But, today I thank God I'm almost at the range of getting most of what I needed.   

What other things do you do aside photography? : I am also  an undergraduate of civil engineering, I do go for some civil engineering work when I'm called. In my field of photography I have worked with a lot of modelling agencies, likewise some key nollywood  industry members and many event organiser.   

How do you react to clients' displeasure with your work whenever there's such occurrence? : What I dislike most in life is giving someone pressure in terms of work, the last thing I will willingly do is to disappoint my clients, I always keep to time and that has been my first priority in every aspects of my works.   

What do you do to keep up with the various changes that occur in the photography industry? : First, I set my work to a standard where I could truly and proudly claim responsibility for my works and my jobs. One of the most crucial steps in becoming fully effective is to know your purpose at work. After all, if you don't know what your job is there to achieve, how can you set appropriate priorities? If you don't set priorities, you'll be forever buried under a mountain of work, unable to tell the difference between what's important, and what isn't.   

What about being a photographer, do you think people misunderstand? : Yeah, majority of people think, 'aaah' it's just a photographer, they get it wrong. I shared those sentiments those days, but at the same time, let's not forget that Nigeria has a host of professional celebrity photographers whose works have been receiving accolades both home and abroad, making waves in the world. Photographers like Kelechi Amadi Obi, TY Bello, Paul Ukonu, Yetunde and a lot more that has received recommendations for their artistry.   

At what point in your career would you consider yourself a successful photographer? : In a short time (Believe me)   

Which models, celebrities or personalities do you really wish to work with and why? : As I have said earlier on that I have worked with some key personalities and I still wish to collaborate, partner, and work with many more.   

Your view about Nigerians' interest in photography and what could possibly be done to raise the interests? : I was privileged to meet and discuss with the C.E.O Mattason Creation Photography Transcrop Hotel Abuja, and he made one point which I think is very helpful if it's followed up. That is, it's better the government  empower the youth on photography and most creative professions. If only, the government can engage the youths more on photography, believe me, photography will take a new dimension.

Your role models : Kelechi Amadi Obi, and Nonso   

Your words to other photographers : My words to some people who want to take photography as a profession is that they should be patient, I appreciate that a lot of them are becoming very critically worried about getting the necessary and complete set of equipment needed and support but the money might be the issues. I encourage them to work hard and put their trust in God.

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