Monday, 18 April 2016

Man Crush Monday : Philips Francis

It's not in my nature to crush, cos I go for things when I want them. But, today I am just 'chooseless'. I can't help but crush on Philips and his lil big achievements. His ambition is wowing. That's one thing about him I wish to steal for myself. Dear, Philips is 'Positive' in a human body, the 'I am unstoppable' mentality? That's something to to die for. I just can't help crushing for this dude, who's rocking FirstStars Reality Show against all odds. Of course I solicit your support for him all through the sojourn and it would be worth it, trust me. Just stay glued to EbonyLife Television. 

Call it baby steps, call it teething, Philips Francis is doing it real good. A journey that began sluggishly and draggingly late last year. With the negative remarks hitting hard, the jeers, the panic of being up against *in Phil's own words* 'talented souls that'll make you want to quit your career.' Phil has proven to be as strong as a rock ready to fight and deal with the challenges, no matter, how big. He's a star to watch out for. #Mancrush #Babysteps #NollywoodBaby

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