Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Up and Coming : Jeff-Anthony Ojukwu

He loves everything about being a stylist and it has been his dreams. In this exclusive interview, Up coming fashion stylist, Jeff-Anthony Ojukwu who confessed to have Swankyjerry, Denola Grey and Davidson Frere as role models and to have worked with controversial actor, Benson Okonkwo; model, Chidiebere Godwin Maduagu and blogger, Agali Kosi talks about his love for styling and his desire to be one of the biggest name in the industry in the nearest future. Enjoy.

About yourself : I am Jeff-Anthony Ojukwu, 20years old,  a 300level law student and  a fashion stylist.
For how long have you been a fashion stylist? : For a year now.   

Have you always wanted to be a fashion stylist? : Yes it has always been my dream and goal.
At what point did you decide you were going to be come a stylist? : Right from secondary I have always had this dream of making people look good because I'm a very fashionable person.  

What about being a fashion stylist do you love? : The smart look and the happiness of the people I styled up is what I have always loved about being a stylist.  

What about being a fashion stylist do you hate? :  Nothing. I love every bit of it.
Have you ever felt that you shouldn't be a fashion stylist considering your academic ? : Nope, like I said it has been my dream. So I feel comfortable combining the both ( school and styling). 
Role models : My role models are Swankjerry, Denola Grey and Davidson Frere.  

Who are your three biggest clients? : Benson Okonkwo (nollywood actor), Agali Kosi (CEO Xpressafrica Magazine/ blogger) and  Chidiebere Godwin Maduagu (Face of Val Mr.Photogenic 2015).  

Which celebrities would you rather not style and why? : I can style anybody as far as he/she is paying me. 
Which celebrities do you wish to style? : I will love to style DJ spinall, Koredo Bello and Beverly Osu. 
How supportive are your family and friends? : Very supportive, I appreciate them all.   

Do you intend stopping to be a fashion stylist for any other thing? : For now I have no  intention  to drop styling for anything.  

What do you think of the Nigeria fashion industry? :The fashion industry has been growing from strength to strength both in local and international designs. I say kudos to those great men and women who have been working tirelessly for  the growth of the industry.  

Where do you see yourself within the next five years? : As a stylist and by God's grace, I see my job as the best and highly rated in Nigeria by the next five(5) years.  

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