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Unsung : Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Awards

Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Award is the biggest award event in Anambra state and one of the biggest of such events in the South East of Nigeria. The award event is the brain child of Chika Nwachuku, a young and vibrant youth who saw the need to celebrate successful youths in Anambra state. In this exclusive interview, Nwachuku expresses how his team is dedicated to delivering the best award events and how it is their desire to reward the efforts of hardworking youths in Anambra. Have a nice read.

About yourself : I am Chika Nwachuku, a graduate of public administration, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. I'm Igbo and I am 22. 

What is AEYCA all about? : AEYCA is simply Anambra's Exclusive Youth Choice Awards. Awards that are the exclusive choices of Anambra youths. 

What inspired AEYCA? : What inspired AEYCA was a thought that sparked up in me sometime in 2013, a thought that wanted the celebration of the achievements of the youths. 

What are the challenges faced in organising AEYCA and how do you beat them? : The challenges faced are due to finance to implement the best mechanism for the event and also accessibility to persons, we have been improvising, raising funds from well wishers to make moves. 

What are the impacts you have made with AEYCA? : With AEYCA, the youths have their achievements celebrated, the youths get motivated. Job creation becomes more juicy. Generally, it has been motivating efforts,  it has also been getting the support of big corporations. 

What are the plans for AEYCA in subsequent years? : In subsequent years we want the government and more credible citizens of the state to be involved. We want a better representation and obviously a better taste of an award event. 

What should be expected in AEYCA 2015 that wasn't in AEYCA 2014? : In 2014, we didn't have a comfortable event centre like we do now in 2015. In 2014, we didn't have much guest appearances, we hope for a classic guest list this 2015. Also we know we will deliver a stronger and more exciting event this year. 

How do you manage the need to be credible? : How we manage the need to be credible is by actually being credible, following due process and being just with everyone, showing no nepotism and favoritism. 

How do you manage to make the public see your credibility? : The public sees our credibility in the choices they make. They nominated these achievers, it was a free nomination. And currently they are voting, it is being recorded, the persons with the highest number of votes win the awards. 

What are the challenges of working with your team and how do you beat them? : Challenges of working with my team is the problem of equipping them well. The team wants to deliver an 'A-class' event. Though,  they seem to be 'C-class' equipped. They need to tour the state often to get the information they need. They don't have enough resources, though they are doing good with what they have. The team has learned to conform to challenges, the team was built on the premise of a "must deliver" ambition, this makes impossible not an option. 

How did the categories of the award come about? :  The categories of the award were formed through looking out for prospective sectors of life which the typical youth engage in. Fashion, education, music, media, business, skills, entrepreneurship, modelling, photography, and so on. 

What significant thing has being the brain behind AEYCA brought to you? : Being the brain behind AEYCA has come with recognition and responsibility. I try my best to maintain a balance. 

How does it feel celebrating successful youths and not getting much recognition let alone be celebrated? : Well, first of all, I get enough attention by being in the field, as a blogger at, and a rapper with the stage name,  ELARH. But I don't get a lot of awards. Lol. Sometimes, I think of it. Most times, I play my role. Maybe I'm to award people for now, later on people may award me. I am also the founder of an event management firm used for the awards, that is fresh dealers concepts. It is registered with the corporate affairs commission.

How do you manage to keep a low profile? : I keep a low profile by trying my best not to keep a loud profile. That's how the profile stays low, by keeping it low. All thanks to God.

How do you define success and happiness? : Success is achievement. Happiness is fulfillment. I advice to be happy rather than successful. That's where the true dividend lies, having and being fulfilled with your achievements. 

Your words to Anambra youths : My words to Anambra youths. Keep pacing in greatness, continue giving your time and energy to positive deeds. Efforts are being rewarded. Keep working hard , it pays. 

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