Thursday, 7 July 2016

UNIZIK Fashion Show and Awards to be better next year

Team Unizik Fashion Show and Awards, UFSA2016 wishes to express gratitude to everyone who participated in this year's award and to make clarifications over the issues arising from this year's award - credibility of the award winners and the artistes who never got to perform. 

The UFSA2016 gave out 40 awards to Fashionable individuals, models and brands following the nominations they received. Nominations was open for over a month and the UFSA team got thousands of nominations. Some individuals and brands nominated themselves. The Voting process began on Instagram on 1 June 2016 and ended on 20 June 2016. The votings were gathered, but that was not the only basis for the winning, as the team took out time to embark on a research to confirm that every nominee is worth the nominations and a possible win of the award.  

The team however accepts responsibility for the nominees whose pictures weren't put up on Instagram, and apologies sincerely for that. This was actually caused by our graphics editor inability to make the pictures ready for upload for the purpose of the voting. We assure to correct that by next year, during the second edition of the fashion show and award.  

It's only a pity that some artistes who were supposed to perform on the event day didn't. Though, we may accept that it's partly because of a little lapse on our side, and as a result of poor time management. But that doesn't excuse the faults of some of the artistes who didn't honour our invitation for a voice check and audition.

Notwithstanding, we assure that the second edition of UNIZIK FASHION SHOW AND AWARDS would only be better and that all challenges faced would have been resolved. Unizik Fashion Show and Awards is brought to you by PurpleGlam Concept. Let's do this again, and see how far we can go in putting UNIZIK in the Nigeria Fashion map.

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