Thursday, 7 July 2016

Adieu Bukky Ajayi

The news of the death of veteran actress, Bukky Ajayi today hit many Nigerians badly. Though, passed at age 82, many of us still wish she could live longer.

Bukky Ajayi is one of the faces I fell in love with as a child. I remember her in the movie witches even when I am sure I can't remember the story line of the movie as I had watched it as a child.Watching her say to co actress, Rachael Oniga, 'they would be killing you and killing you and tell you, I love you' in the movie, 'Lamentations' remains an image clearly stored in my head. How do I forget her in, Diamond Ring? She was the reason I even bothered to watch the 2013 movie, 'Mother George' and as expected, she brought it home for me. My little interest in 'Hotel Majestic' was because of her.   

Bukky Ajayi happens to be one of the people, I revere. Watching her receive her 2016 Iconic Award got her into my role models list. It was just beautiful seeing her being celebrated at old age. That only resolved my decision to put my name down in the sands of time, as I would love to be awarded as such.  

Rest In Peace Bukky Ajayi, Adieu.

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