Thursday, 28 July 2016

Review of Kiss Daniel's 'Jombo' video

Kiss Daniel doesn't need an introduction, of course, he has been churning out hit after hit in recent times. His recent work, the visual of Jombo off his debut album, New Era released in May embodies distinction, and humour in a way Kiss Daniel has never delivered before now.   

The 3 minutes plus visual wonder depicts Kiss Daniel's (Jombo) attempts to identify with the parents of a girl he impregnated. Not knowing that the girl was born of a 'gra-gra' man (your father is violent)  and a female 'Mike Tyson'(your mother is blackbelt).   

The video ending with Jombo' s acceptance by the girl's parents somewhat made the video lose its' credence. Come on, it's Africa, no one impregnates a girl, go alone like Adele does in her videos,with an unkempt hair and ear ring and get an embrace. Not to think of someone from a different tribe. I nu kwa m. The typical African parents would have most likely frowned at his supposed attempt to be a responsible father with such looks (unkempt hair and ear ring) smh.   

Who goes to the farm for introduction, on top that kind serious matter. To think he met the mother-in-law to be fighting. Lol. Can you imagine the female Tyson celebrate her being a blackbelt with a pathetic look, as if she received all the beatings, especially the one she gave to the first guy. Gawd!!! I can't deal, just can't. On a lighter note, wrong facial expression, after such victory, just wrong.   

And the camera angle in 1:58 when he took to his heels is a bit over stretched, so much that the feel was lost. There came the struggle screaming. Would have been better if it was swift.   It's understandable to have dancers in music videos. But definitely, not in every music video, In this video, there's no relevance or need for the dancers who were more like fill ups. They evidently had fun playing around, even when they had no import in the video.  

Regardless, of the little shortcomings of the video, it undoubtedly slayed. Seeing a different Kiss Daniel with some applaudable acting skills. Have you met his priceless facial expression in 0:47, 'ololufe, I no want run, but then, your father's violent'. Lol, totally nailed it. Really, he would give Falz a run for his AMVCA with his nervousness portrayal in 'Introduction day 3'. For the first time, Kiss Daniel has a beautiful video vixen. Lol. And she didn't just come with some beauty and banging body, she came with her, some substantial acting prowess.   

This piece won't end without giving acknowledgement to the setting of the video, the vegetation which blended with the costume. The costume on its' own stands out with its' 'African-ness'  and elegance. Would really try out one of the Kiss Daniel's looks.   

The clarity of the video and the beauty of the story won't go unnoticed. Though, the comic nature of the video contrasts with the theme of the song, as such issues are handled more seriously than portrayed in the video. Lol. Sometimes, I take life too serious though. Kiss really brought this home, sealing his stance in the Nigeria music scene. The director Ani James deserves a kudos, Wizkid, Shey Shay, Tiwa Savage and other music artistes should run after him. This video is a yes for me. 

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