Thursday, 11 June 2015

Their Mother

She had travelled to return soon - their mother. She travelled leaving them a task - him and his eleven other brothers. Their task was to get as many people as possible to join them party while they wait for her return on a date yet to be known, but soon. She was coming back unannounced. And only those in the party will gain in the gift she would bring back. The party had been on for years in thousands.

The twelve were only alive long enough to get the party started. Their own children and grand children and great-grand children were no more. But the party is still on.

Many had died partying for her return. Others have partied and gone weak and left. Many still party hoping that she steals into the party with their gift of everlasting life and unending joy and happiness.

Yet, she has not returned and hadn’t bothered to offer a reason for her delayed return.


  1. Nice one, pls also ask some questions i think it'll more better