Monday, 22 June 2015

Seem missing: Mode9

Whereas many of his fans are expecting to hear from this rapper, he decided he was sure going to attack anyone who asks or queries him about his absence. According to him, it hurts when he is busy making nice sounds and people do not see it as doing well. He lamented heavily on the poor reception of his last album, ‘Alphabetical Order’, claiming that Nigerians do not like hip hop but only follow the hype.

Seven times ‘The Headies’ Lyricist on the Roll winner, and the most decorated artist by the magazine, Mode9 hasn’t been making much sounds to keep his fans stock with their earphones. Many have wondered what happened to this rapper that took the show and played in every stereo in 2004. The truth is that the rapper’s last album wasn’t well received and whereas many still expect him to put up a single or an album soon but the rapper hasn’t done any of those. Speculations have it that his career has hit the rock and is waiting for the touch of the ‘Chosen God’.

Mode9 whose real name is Babutunde Olusegun Adewale was born in London, United Kingdom on June 14 1975 as the third child of his parents. He is from Osun State, Nigeria. He is the brain behind ‘Redeye Muzik’ set up in 2008. He has six albums to his credit and has been featured in several other music videos.

In 2004, Mode9 turned every hip hop head making them rejoice and get ready for some dance with the release of his first album ‘MalcolmIX’ which was the start of his rap career. In 2006, he released ‘PentiumIX’ and ‘E ‘Pluribus Unum’ in 2007. Since the release of his last studio album which was unsuccessful, nothing has been heard of Mode9.

Mode9 however, has several awards to his credit. ‘Elbowroom’, the lead single of his first album, ‘MalcolmIX’ won an AMEN Award for the best rap single in Nigeria in 2005. In 2006 he won 3 Hip Hop World Awards and 3 Channel O Music Video Awards. In 2007, his album, ‘E ‘Pluribus Unum’ was heralded as one of the best hip hop albums to come out of Africa. The album got airplay in New Yorks Hot 97. He is 7 Time Lyricist on the Roll Award Winner.

Mode9 who hasn’t accepted that his fan base is now low still maintained that his fans appreciate his songs and every other person who doesn’t is a fair weather fan. While he still banks on his ‘fans’ and refusing to take Rugged Man’s advice that he go get another  job, all his supposed fair weather fans have declared him missing and is busying looking for him even in places like Mars.

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