Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Arms of no cure

Crying, shoutings and wailings
heightened with gunfiring makes my heart
sink with pity.
Both the warriors and the realistic thinkers
                Those who are fighting for pleasure and
                Those fighting for defence.
                Those who call themselves warriors
                without knowing the principles of war.
Human Blood being split like
Water dripping from the river.
Tears of people being more than
What ocean contains.
                Arms of no cure!
                The Arms of no cure!
And knowing how just a pint of blood is
Important to a dying patient.
Still has not being a premonition to
natural creatures.
And seeing how peoples lives are being
Wasted by even the avarice and still
The planet on which we live have not revolved
And the aftermath shows that arms have
no cure.
                                                                                                 Written by Rosevita Nwoko

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