Thursday, 18 June 2015


“It is over dearie”, she said.
“No, why, everybody thinks we are cool, they all appreciate…” he was saying.
“Our ‘coupledom’, you would say?”
“Yeah, our coupledom”
“And what do we think?”
“But we can work it out”
“I’m sorry”, she said forcing a smile and trying to fight back her tears as she pulled a ring off her mid finger, drops it on the table and hurried out as he tried to hold her back.

He stood fixed to the ground. He hit his head, then the wall and slumped on the sofa, sits up and holds his head, a tear drop in his left eye.

They have dated for as long as one could remember. They were first friends before they became lovers because everyone thinks they would make the finest couple ever. Their parents believe their marriage would be that happy-ever-after marriage of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Their siblings thought that their marriage would be perfect and their friends think their love tale would be super-romantic, the kind Harlequin writers weave every day.

Her father and his mother met when they did their masters degree programme. He was just six months old when his mother began her masters. Her father got married two years after the programme. Their parents were friends even after the masters and had introduced their spouses. Their children grew to know one another as family friends.

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